How To Book Clients Without The Face To Face Consultation

I recently had a question come through on a post – What Are You Selling On Your Website?

“Thank you for the info here. How would you go about creating a call to action for a product not yet created? For example, how would one get a client to book or purchase a package through a website without a consultation? I’ve struggled with this concept and would really appreciate your perspective.”

Really there are two answers to this question. You need both in order to complete a sales process online.

1. Content

2. Action

Lets start with content.

The one thing I write on probably more than any other topic is content. And in many ways, I’m showing you how to do it by actually doing it.

If you’ve spent time on this site, you know there is a huge amount of content – hundreds and hundreds of posts for you to search through and learn from. If you come in and read a post and like it, I’ll lead you to more content in a variety of ways. I love using Dig Deeper’s:

Dig Deeper: Why Every Small Business Owner Must Now Be A Content Provider

At the end of each post you’ll find additional posts related to the content you’ve just read:


And of course you can always head back up to the navigation and find specific information on just about anything related to building a photography business.

By reading content, we’re developing a relationship. You read and learn. And hopefully trust me to continue providing quality content that can given to you in a variety of ways. Including some things for sale.

The same applies to your prospects and customers.

The more content you provide, the more they will be able to read and take in, the more they will be able to build up trust, and the more likely they will be to convert just by utilizing your site.

If you have a wedding business, you can approach the online world in two ways.

You can have a simple website with the standard pages – home, about us, contact us, services and a gallery. A client breezes through it and automatically has to connect with you if they want more information.

Or you can have a complex site with all of the standard pages, plus dozens and dozens of pages of content that are related to your wedding business.

If you’ve shot 50 weddings over the past 2 years, you should have 50 pages describing each wedding in detail – venues, who you worked with, what you did, etc.

You should have planning tips on everything a bride will need from beginning to end – including how to design a top notch album.

You should have photography tips – how to take a better portrait, extras like engagements and trash the dress sessions, tips on the must have images and the one’s to stay away from, etc. This section alone is unlimited; you could write from this perspective for the rest of your life.

Content is what seals the deal. The more they read, the more excited they get, the more they have to use you.

Now on to action.

Now the excitement is there. They’ve spent minutes, hours or even days reading through your content. They love what you have to say. They love what you are doing. They love you!

Lead them to your sales page. Not a services page that describes what you have to offer in a paragraph or two. An actual sales page.

This is your sales pitch. This is everything they need to sign on the dotted line. You have to cover it all, from beginning to end.

You have to calm their fears and make them want you more than ever.

You can write up a sales letter. Or you can use video.

You can use long paragraphs. Or short bullet points.

Or a mixture of everything.

As they read through your sales letter, they have to want to take that next step. They have to want to click on the button, fill in their account information, and purchase that service right now.

So ask yourself, “What do I need my client to know and do before they hand over their credit card?”

Do they need to book a specific date and time? You may need a calendar system in place for them to select what they need.

Can they book the basics – like a portrait package – and you connect to set up time and date later?

Also look at all the details.

The sales package connects and they click on the button to buy? What’s next?

Your shopping cart better be super easy to complete the sale.

Once the purchase is made, you better have a landing page that gives them all the information they need to feel safe and secure about the purchase they just made.

You may have a follow up email that helps solidify in their minds they made the perfect choice.

And so on.

If it sounds like quite a thought process, its because it is.

Everything you do in person, you have to convert to an online presence.

The more you can make if feel like you are there along the way, the better your process will be.

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