How To Build Your Photography Portfolio With An iPad

One of the most important marketing tools a photographer can have is their portfolio. It may consist of a variety of printed images, either in loose or album format, online through your website or other portfolio tools, and increasingly by using your iPad with a portfolio app. If you’ve been looking for the perfect app to use on your iPad, here’s a list of some of the top iPad apps I’ve found that will get the job done in a beautiful way.

Are you using an iPad for your portfolio? What do you like about it? What’s missing?

And if you have any more recommendations that I missed, Feel free to comment below.


Portfolio is a highly personalized and customizable app that allows you to do just about anything with your portfolio. You can brand it for your presentations, and even lock the interface with a PIN so your client won’t see tha management interface.


Foliobook allows you to create your own magazine-like home page in an easy way. Use it horizontal or vertical, change around your presentation to fit your needs.


PadFolios is an app you can take from your iPhone, to your iPod touch, and to your iPad. You can customize your background, add a logo, and create multiple PadFolios to meet all your needs as you’re out talking with your clients.


PadPort is a portfolio presentation app designed by and for professional media artists. It has a minimalist interface so your work is the center of attention. You can create different sets and present them in different categories.

MediaPad Pro

MediaPad Pro makes it easy to design a customizable portfolio. You can add your information, images, files, video and digital/website files, and use them together to create a truly artistic presentation.


FlexFolios allows you to display your work in a variety of ways. Because it resides on your iPad and doesn’t need Internet access to operate, you can bring your portfolio virtually anywhere.


$4 to $19 per month
Viewbook allows you to create, manage and share your onlne portfolio webistes and presentations.


Valise is a digital portfolio app that allows you to create a custom splash page to personalize your portfolio. Once your images are in the lightbox, choose how you want them displayed using one of four display modes. They do have a Valise Pro coming soon.

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  1. Wow! Honestly saying, I didn’t know there are so many apps which make easier to present photo work. The only question remains, which one is the one I need ? 🙂


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