How To Clone One Client And Turn Her Into One Hundred Clients

Jenna has been planning on having a family since the day she married her best friend. They were going to work for a year, buy their first home together, settle down and start their family. One year came and went. So did the second year. And the third.

Finally after many trips to fertility experts and tens of thousands of dollars in treatments, Jenna and her husband were pregnant. They were ecstatic. They wanted to enjoy every moment of this child from this point forward.

They found Trish, a photographer who specializes in maternity and baby portraits and instantly knew they had to use her to remember this experience forever. Two weeks before the baby’s due date, Jenna and her husband entered Trish’s studio, and captured the joy and love they felt for their first child. Three weeks later, the baby was born – a little girl who became their pride and joy. Another two weeks flew by and Jenna brought in her baby girl for her first baby portrait.

Jenna didn’t just love her portraits; she loved everything about the experience. She purchased everything Trish recommended – from wall portraits, to albums, to collages and digital albums she could share online with family and friends far away. She became an evangelist for Trish’s business, raving about her in every play group and meeting she attended.

Sounds good, right? Wouldn’t you love to have a client like this? What about having 100 clients like this?

When you see it written out like this, its easy to get excited and see how this one client could help your business grow massively.

Yet then something happens. The mail comes. The phone rings. An order is “lost” and an “emergency” suddenly commands attention. And the thought of your perfect customer disappears.

So customers come and go. Some are good. Some not so much.

Yet if you stop and think about it and reflect back on who your perfect customer was and who you would love to work with again and again – Jenna’s name pops up every time.

So the key to success isn’t bringing in more customers. Its bringing in more Jenna’s.

But how do you do that?

Clone her of course.

Okay, I’m not serious about cloning her. We can’t do that yet 😉 But if you’ve fallen in love with “Jenna” as your client, you can bet there are 100 more “Jenna’s” out there that are in similar circumstances and they would make just as great customers as Jenna was.

How do you reach those other 100 customers? You speak directly to them.

“Having a baby? Wouldn’t you love to remember this moment forever? You can through our portrait session.”

That’s how most photographers talk about their baby portraits. They create one simple page on their website and write a few paragraphs and bullet points on what service they will provide to a new mom. Its generic. And every other photographer that’s reaching out to new moms says approximately the same thing.

Yet the smart photographers that are moving ahead with their businesses know there is a better way. They blog. And they write content every day that focuses in on their target market, speaking directly to the person they are trying to bring in as a client.

When you read something that is written and directed at you, you get that “wow” feeling. “How do they know me? That’s exactly how I feel.” And when you pull them in with content that speaks directly to them, they want to stay around for awhile. So they read more. They sign up for your newsletter. They follow you on Facebook. They watch the images you post on Pinterest. They read a little more. And finally they contact you, ready to have you photograph the most important event in their lives.

How do you clone your best customer?

Step 1 – describe them in detail.

Step 2 – start up a blog.

Step 3 – write specific content for them every single day, reaching out and making them want more.

Step 4 – book more customers.

And enjoy the profits that come along with it.

Having trouble writing content for your site every day? Why not try a ghost writer? I’ve written for many photographers in a “ghost” capacity. Meaning I do all the writing – you get all the credit. I’ve written for photographers that specialize in – travel, weddings, maternity, babies, families and children. Whatever your specialty, I will interview you to find out who your perfect customer is. Then we’ll “clone” them and start giving you the content to attract them on a regular basis. Lets get started today.

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