How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects

Today I’m really excited to announce my newest ebook on one of my most favorite topics – How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects.

As we were building up our business, we hated the idea of selling. It always brought to mind the used car salesman image, and that’s the last thing we wanted to portray.ebook

  • We wanted our photography to sell itself.
  • We wanted people to call or email us excited, ready to sign on the dotted line with very little effort.
  • We wanted there to be so many “knocks” on our door, we would never have to sell again.

This guide is all about sharing with you the one “secret weapon” we found that literally turned our business into a Six Figure business model in just a few months.

How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects shares an idea that we used to successfully reach out to markets we never would have had access to without this “secret weapon”.

Over the past six years, has shared with you hundreds or posts on building up a photography business. We’ve shared our ideas in dozens of newsletters, and created many different products and services you’ve used to help build your business, and generate a profit.

Each of my products takes your learning to a whole other level. If you haven’t tried one of my e-training products before, this is your chance to see firsthand how beneficial even one great idea can be.
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How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects includes:

  • 23 pages of specific advice, tips, resources and step-by-step plans!
  • A template ready for you to use!
  • Photographs of every idea!
  • Examples and case studies!
  • Clear text and stories to make sure you walk away with a clear concept, ready to implement in your business!

We know this one idea helped build our business from under $50,000 per year to over $250,000 per year, in less than two years of time. We believe it will do the same for you. And at a price of $14.95 (USD), it’s one of the most economical and valuable pieces of information your business will ever have access to.

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30 Day Money Back Guaranteesatisfaction guaranteed

If one idea could double, triple, even quadruple your business over the next year, you’d be crazy not to invest in it, right? Yet you may have tried things before, and just aren’t sure what to do. Grab your copy of How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects today. I’m so confident you’ll love the ideas presented in simple step-by-step form that if you don’t agree, just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

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Make sure you take advantage by investing in How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects today. Get started today…
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2 thoughts on “How To Double Your Sales Without Marketing To New Prospects”

  1. Greetings fellow shutter bugs, I have had hacker/hence Computer problems for at least 3 years now, truthfully probably more like 5, but my comp. has been so down, and kept that way you cant imagine (I hope) how much money and time has been down the drain, but learning either the hard way or by reason, is still learning is it not? May 30th Last year, i Had a SEVERE M/C Wreck (they got away) i lived so I guess, so did I huh, and I have my legs by Gods grace, Walk all I can and wiggle my toes TWICE to count my Blessings.

    I work, or sure have tried to, with a Canon 40D HEAVY Little Beauty, but never knew Just How, untill the wreck, I shook and from my wheelchair had to REALLY practice just holding it up little own steady. I Enrolled in NYIP(The New York Institute of Photography,(costly) havent moved on it yet as healing has been a priority. I Bought lighting, Backdrops and The Web School, every thing that I Could find to keep my mind from shuttering down for good and that wouldnt have been very good, but I never quit. I Shutterflyed, SmileBoxed didnt take my prizes for joining, I local on line classed it, didnt take credits, I Dave Peters photoshoped Untill blue, I was on my way to the Bank when i had someone stop in frount of me that AWEsomely beautiful day, that was picture perfect, and nearly my last. As i was EMS for 10 years Licensed without 1 loss by Gods Grace, but my own, back and all, plenty of “Aurther to go around, so as I sort of expired with griping pain so did it, my heart still beats EMS though, and i love photography too, because it brings so much joy in nano seconds brought to life for centuries to remember ‘the way we were” I have drempt of National Geographic, the Coast Guard and Saving Every Endangered Creation on the planet through the lense of my camera as i am an action kind of gal with physical disabilities that wont quit and I wont Give up!

    I Dont know any better, I have had everything you can imagine going on around me, and I *”Shoot to Thrill” every time I get the chance, dont have a Clue how to sell my work as i do so enjoy ‘giving smiles to others that I dont knoww HOW to Charge for the Joy! and Joy is What i AIM For! WHY I keep trying through everything that just keeps comming my way?, Truthfully IS, Because my heart knows The Creator who Gave Us these things to Look at, The EYE so as to see it with and something worthwhile to look at And Remember, the sight to see, even in the minds eye, by the discription of another or the touch of a heart to heart or sensation of touch, is limitless..I Am just thankful to be alive and allining up to Start another year of “Special Moments In Time”, and offers I Hope will still be there on paydays so i can try to better what i love to do, to bring JOY to others, Is my joy! I will be In touch, and look forward to signing up/on for yet another year. and Wish you ALL the Joy and Happiness Of The New Year too! So keep in touch, and so I will try as well. ~Thank You and “God Bless Us EveryONE”!

    • Hi Patty with a Y

      Wow, very inspirational. I always have super admiration for people that face life threatening change, and come out smiling! I know you’ll find your success – its impossible not to when you have a positive attitude. Keep shooting, and keep striving to charge for what you do. People are more than happy to pay you for what you do – just do it!


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