How To Get Clients With Viddy

I know what you’re thinking. Viddy? What’s Viddy? There is something else out there I need to know about?


Viddy is a social video editing and sharing app that just surpassed the 26 million user mark.

Where Instagram and other photo apps allow you to play with still images, Viddy gives you the tools to turn any 15 second video footage into something truly unique and shareable. You can add filters and music, and give it a true “movie trailer” look and feel.

And then you share it – that’s what today’s technology is all about.

Start by downloading Viddy to your iPhone and sign up using Facebook or Twitter – you can use an email instead if you choose.

When you’ve signed in, it will pull a list of your friends already on Viddy (providing you’ve used your Facebook/Twitter account), which will give you a few people to follow and see what they are doing. Following works in a similar manner to other social sites – just hit the follow button and they are added to your profile.

Create your profile by adding a photograph, and start videoing.

Keep in mind that Viddy works like the other social sites you are used to. You can like, favorite, tag and add comments to any video you come across. You can also flag a video if you think its inappropriate – just look for the skull and crossbones icon.

As a business owner, your goal is to get your videos in front of as many people as possible, and hope they like, favorite, tag and comment on everything you do. And because you can connect to your Facebook/Twitter accounts, its easy to share in a variety of ways.

If you choose to shoot something new, remember, you have 15 seconds of recording time. Or just pull something in you’ve already recorded.

Viddy has an array of advanced options for you to shoot and manipulate your video:

  • You can change the aspect ratio from 4:3 at 480p to widescreen with a 16:9 ratio at 720p.
  • You can add a grid overlay to your display to make sure it stays level during recording.
  • You have a timer option to give you a 3 second lead before recording starts.
  • You can add a variety of special effects, including vintage and black and white. Viddy comes with a few to start you out. You can also choose to download more – both free and pay are available.

Once you are happy with your final product, upload and share.

Yes, 15 seconds isn’t a whole lot of time. Which is why you should think about it as a “movie trailer” format. What can you say about your business in a quick way? Capture a few seconds of a fun shoot your own – whether it’s a high school senior, a trash the dress session, or even a commercial shoot on the beaches of Fiji.

The idea isn’t perfection. It isn’t an exact branding tool. Its made to be fun and add another dimension to your business.

Give it a try.

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