How To Get Rid of The Grid in Photoshop

While working in Photoshop, sometimes you need to align an image or individual objects on it horizontally or vertically, including relative to each other. Of course, you can rely on your eye, but it is much better in such cases to use a unique tool – a grid. Let’s see how to work with it.

What is a Pixel Grid in Photoshop?

How To Get Rid of The Grid in Photoshop on the screen

Pixel Grid is a special Photoshop feature intended for professional designers to create the most accurate sketches possible. The main task of the tool is to help the editor maintain the proportions of a part of the picture at high magnification. That is, you will be able to place various objects in a photo with pixel accuracy, draw them correctly, in the right sizes and proportions, etc.

First of all, a powerful auxiliary tool is needed for precise positioning, snapping objects, or selections in the right place. For example, if you need to know exactly where and at what distance to put this or that object, this fantastic function will help clarify everything. For example, when making website layouts, you cannot do without a grid. After all, they help to make the correct markup.

You can mark everything as you need and then draw, adjust the images only within these grids. And what is very convenient, they are magnetized to themselves, and this greatly facilitates the work.

Grids are a must in web design. Therefore, if you want to go down this path, it would be better to learn how to use them correctly. Here you will learn how to create professional and high-quality designs for websites, all social networks, create banners, awesome covers, etc. Also, teach you how to properly maintain and upgrade your freelance account from scratch to collect orders and earn money. Moreover, your level of Photoshop skills is not essential (even if you are a beginner). Therefore, I highly recommend that you master this.

Actions with grid

In Photoshop, you can add, move, dock, hide, show, and remove the grid. Below we will consider all these actions.

1. Adding

It is quite easy to understand whether there are active grids or not – they are represented as blue lines. To add a tool to the canvas, go to the View menu and select New Grid.

Adding a New Grid in Photoshop

A small window will open in which we select which type of grid should be added (horizontal or vertical) and determine its location. When set to “0,” the grid will be set either at the leftmost point of the image (vertical) or at the very top (horizontal). As an example, let’s focus on the first option and press the OK button.

Note: the position of the grid is indicated in the unit of measurement selected for the main scales. In our case, it is “cm.”

You can change the unit of measurement by right-clicking on the ruler (it doesn’t matter if it is horizontal or vertical) and selecting the desired option from the list provided.

An Alternative Way to Add a Grid Line:

Left-click on the desired ruler, and without releasing it, drag the line that appears to the desired location on the canvas. Below is an example of a horizontal rail.

Adding a Grid in Photoshop by Dragging From the Ruler

Displaying How To Get Rid of The Grid in Photoshop

1. Adding a Grid

  • In some cases, you need to add a grid mesh. It will take a long time to add one by one, but fortunately, this process can be automated.
  • Go to the View menu and select New Grid Layout. New grid layout in Photoshop
  • Set the desired settings at your discretion (the number of lines horizontally, vertically, indents, etc.) and click OK. Setting up a new grid layout in Photoshop.
  • We get the result according to the specified parameters. Grid in Photoshop
  • Moving
  • After adding a grid, you can move it to your liking, thereby changing the starting location.

This is done very simply – move the mouse pointer over the line. As soon as it changes its view to a characteristic sign in the form of two stripes with arrows in different directions, holding down the left mouse button, drag the grid line to a new location.

2. Moving a Grid in Photoshop

  • In this case, the “Move” tool on the sidebar must be selected in advance.
  • Selecting the Move tool in Photoshop
  • To quickly select a tool, you can use the “V” key on your keyboard.
  • To lock the grid, use a special command in the View menu.
  • Fixing a grid in Photoshop

3. Removing And Hiding

  • To temporarily remove the rails from the canvas, you can use the keyboard shortcut the Ctrl + H. The same combination is used to reactivate them.
  • If you want to remove a grid line selectively, hold it down with the left mouse button and drag it to the corresponding ruler.
  • Removing a grid in Photoshop by dragging it onto the ruler
  • Alternatively, you can delete lines in the View menu by selecting Delete Grid.
  • Removing grid in Photoshop

How to Set Up the Grid

By default, the Grid is divided by bold lines, the distance between which is 2 cm; in turn, these blocks are separated by dashed lines into 4 more parts.

You can change these settings to suit your needs by going to the menu Editing – Preferences – Grid, Grid & Slices (Edit – Preferences – Grid, Grid & Slices) or pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K and Ctrl + 8.

The next window will open where you can change the color settings, Grid units, etc.

Benefits of Using Grid

Using a grid can make working with images much easier in some situations.

Object Snapping

  • This feature can be useful when alignment with a grid is required. The blue line will attract objects like a magnet that we bring closer to it.
  • You can enable the function in the “View” menu, item “Snap to” – “Grid. “Turn on snapping to grid in Photoshop.
  • When the object is “magnetized” to the grid line, you can move it along it. Moving an object along a grid line in Photoshop
  • When snapping is not required, move the object further from the blue line to allow it to be untied. Move an object away from a grid line in Photoshop.
  • If we want to position the object anywhere but in the immediate vicinity of the grid line, while holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, we move with the left mouse button held down. Moving an object regardless of the grid line in Photoshop

Align the Image Horizontally or Vertically.

  • Grid allows you to align the image, for example, in the event of a blockage of the horizon.
  • Aligning the horizon line with a grid in Photoshop

Note: Of course, these are not all the benefits of using grid lines. We have just given obvious examples.


Working with a grid is one of the basic skills that every user who decides to learn Photoshop should master. Spending a little time learning this tool will save you many minutes and hours in future work.

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