How to Help Babies and Mothers Relax During Newborn Photography

If you love babies, then newborn photography must be one of the most pleasurable types of photography in the world. The photographs that you take of a newborn will forever be cherished by the family and that is extremely satisfactory. But newborn photography is also quite challenging, as it can be very difficult to keep babies in poses and mothers relaxed about their newborns. We all know how new mothers are! That is why, in today’s article we’re going to offer you a guide of how to help babies and mothers relax during newborn photography. Here are our tips, tricks and ideas on this subject!


Create a great environment! Firstly, music is something that you must always have when creating the setup for your newborn photography. Both you and the baby will benefit from its soothing effects and it creates a wonderfully calm environment. Try some classical music or get one of those cheap CDs with relaxing music for newborns, they really do work!

Use as much natural light as possible, as lighting is really important when it comes to making subjects relaxed. You all know how important lighting is when it comes to photography in general, not just newborn photography. What you should know is that babies simply adore natural light and they’ll be putty in your hands if you let them have just a bit of it.

Be creative, do a bit of searching on the web and see what else you can do to make the baby and mother feel relaxed. We suggest you go to, a great blog/website where you can find pretty much all you need on advice about newborns and babies in general.

Learn how to make people relaxed! There are plenty of tutorials online about how to make someone feel relaxed. Watch at least one tutorial, take notes and apply what you’ve learned on your subjects. Or you can go to workshops and learn how to do it. A workshop will teach you much more than an online tutorial will. To be honest, everyone’s different and you will not get the same reaction every time you try it. Trial and error is really the key to newborn photography.

Don’t have too many props! Sometimes props can be intimidating to both the baby boy, baby girl and mother. Get some baskets, wraps (a wrap must always be present in any type of newborn photography), some cute little outfits, bean bags, blankets, cute bags with messages on them, a backdrop, a stand, some maternity clothes, some pink, blue, orange-colored toys, DYI props and maybe even some animals. Some dogs are great with babies and you must admit that dogs and newborn twins look amazing together.

Get the whole family involved! An outdoor shooting with some nice poses/posing will get you the money shot. Posing with a newborn baby doesn’t allow you too much space to move, so to speak, and that is why you need to find some inspiration. We suggest you find some photography companies that you like online and follow their work. Be it maternity photos, lifestyle or newborn photography, we all can learn from each other. Read the online reviews about the photo studios before you delve in.

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