How To Make Magic Happen In Your Business

Lady Gaga. American Idol. Glee. Apple.

Like em, love em or hate em, no matter how you feel about it, they all evoke a massive emotional response. They’ve created a national appeal that makes everyone around the world talk about what’s happening next.

Wouldn’t you like to have that same emotional response with your own business? Imagine if you could do something so striking, people instantly recognized you and started talking about you.

While your goal may not be to attract the attention Lady Gaga is getting, there are things you can do to get noticed, and have the magic start flickering around you.

1. Speak directly to your marketplace as if they were a single person. What would that one person want to hear? Nothing will create as much magic as if a person feels they are being directly catered to, and taken care of in a special way.

2. What can you do to make people talk? Don’t be afraid of turning some people off in order to raise the interest of others. With 6 billion people on earth, there will always be people that love you – and those that don’t. The key is to tap in to the emotional side of those you want to appeal to.

3. Create visible emotion with your photography. You want to have your audience look at your work, and instantly have a burning desire for what you do. Evoke emotions around love, health, status, time or money, and you have a true winner.

4. What are you truly selling? Is it a picture hanging on the wall? Or is it the experience of creating the portrait? Maybe it’s capturing the true essence of a flirty little girl in all her innocence. Or one last family experience before a child heads off to college. You can dictate how the client visualizes what service you are providing.

5. Sell the sizzle. Showcase what you do in a variety of scene setters. A postcard to your client base. An ezine showcasing your latest client. A blog post with a storyline of how a scene was created. A few comments on your Facebook stream. Control what’s being said in a variety of places and a variety of ways.

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