How To Make Your Facebook Page More Interesting


“I’ve been on Facebook for awhile now, yet I really have no enthusiasm for it. I post sporadically because I feel like I have to. I only have a hundred fans. And I really don’t know how to keep them interested. There is zero communication on my page, yet everyone says it has great potential. What do I do?”

Have you ever felt like that? Don’t worry, many people do.

If you have no enthusiasm for it, you will fail. Its as simple as that. So at this point you have two choices.

1. Quit using Facebook altogether for you business.

2. Choose to use it to attract new business.

If something isn’t working for you, you don’t enjoy it, and you really have no desire to make it work, why put your focus there? Instead, choose another way of marketing your business and put your concentration there instead.

Facebook is just a marketing tool – its one of thousands that exist for a small business owner. Yes, it will work if you use it right. But if you don’t enjoy it, why spend the time on it.

Yet if you decide that Facebook is truly something you want to use to attract new business, then its time to treat it like a marketing tool, and gather all of your energy up to make it work.

Are you using Facebook correctly?

Before you begin building a Facebook presence, make sure you have your accounts set up correctly. When you originally set up your account, you should have set up a personal account under your personal name. Your business should have its own Page. Browse through one of the many Pages that already exist on Facebook to gain some ideas. Then set up your own. You can use it as your business name – ABC Photography – or try creating different pages for different niches. For instance, if you focus on corporate events and weddings, the two make great stand alone businesses, and would potentially be more attractable if you separated them and created a page for each.

Set up a plan

The only way to make something work is to use it. And if you have trouble using it, one day will turn into three; one week will turn into one month; and eventually you’ll be right back where you started.

Instead, create a plan in writing that you can live with. Be specific. “I will post 5 times a day, 5 days of the week.” Also come up with a schedule for what you will blog about. With 5 posts a day, maybe one is a link to your new blog post, when is a resource, one is a new photo you’ve created, and so on. Its much easier asking yourself “what photo am I posting today” then wondering what in the world you will talk about. It puts focus into your planning and gives you something to strive for.

Also put your ideas on the calendar – don’t rely on getting things done when you have time. If you determine you need 30 minutes to create your 5 posts each day, mark that time out on the calendar. “From 6 to 6:30 each morning I will post on Facebook.”

Then rely on tools like Hootsuite to give you the flexibility of posting when you have time, yet schedule them throughout the day.

Know your audience

One of the greatest fears of working with Facebook is knowing how much to post. Will you lose followers because you overwhelm them with content?

Family members can post all the time and its acceptable. But if a business does it, its easier to unfollow them rather than have your newsfeed cluttered.

The key is knowing who your audience is, and creating your own schedule.

If you decide you are going to post 5 times per day, 5 days per week, you may lose some of the original fans that liked you. After all, they liked you when you weren’t doing much at all. But that’s okay. Clear out this original followers list and start anew.

Once you start creating your content, people will visit your Page to see what you have to say before they like you. They will judge the content and what you are doing before they hit that like button. And as long as you stick with the plan, they won’t be overwhelmed because they will already know what to expect.

Then have fun with it. Nothing makes you like something and want to use it more than seeing the returns. I think part of what holds people back is they have a few followers and spend a few days creating content. When they have zero interest, their own interest quickly wanes.

Yet if you stick with it, eventually you’ll see results. People will start commenting. You’ll attract questions and attention. And you’ll eventually create that first sale.

And then the fun begins.

4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Facebook Page More Interesting”

  1. I started my first campaign on Facebook with little success so far. Facebook used to be a cheap option for advertising but not any longer. Time to pull out the tried and true methods, give stuff away.

  2. We are giving more focus to our FB page lately to attract local customers. It has worked so far, but we have noticed more traffic and comments when the post comes with images. An image is worth a thousand words…


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