How To Make Your Own Light Reflector

Are you starting your own photography business? Then you know the value of learning how to make your own light reflector. Not only can it save you money to invest somewhere else, but it can also give you a quick way to instantly improve your photography.

When shooting portraits outside, it’s easy to tuck people next to trees and near buildings to  avoid the harsh sunlight. But sometimes you find a scene that would be perfect for your client – yet the direct sunlight is streaming in. That’s when a lift reflector comes in handy.

When people talk about light reflectors, they are usually talking about one of two things.

A light reflector that bounces the light.
A light diffuser that softens the light.

A light reflector generally comes in two colors, silver and gold. Silver provides a bright reflection; gold provides a warmer, softer glow. Both are designed to be used close to the subject, using the light as a directional source to bounce back into the subjects face. Play with the reflector until you get the lighting you are looking for – its easy to see results just by tilting the reflector.

A light diffuser is made of white material, and is designed to absorb the light, soften it, and spread it evenly over the subject. The larger the diffuser, the more area you can block from the sunlight. We always carry at least to 3 foot by 6 foot panels with us to make sure we can have soft lighting no matter where we are.

While many different types of reflectors are available from stores and through various Internet sites, there is an advantage to learning how to make your own light reflector.

1. You can make as many as you choose. Save even more by buying in bulk or by watching for sales.

2. Build a frame and change out materials. Less to carry in your equipment pack.

3. Create the sizes you need most.

Want to learn how to make your own light reflector? We’ve used this blueprint for years in our own studio. I know you’re going to love it.

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