How To Manage Your Digital Photography Business

What makes a digital photography business a success? How can you take your passion for creating images, and turn it into a full time career?

Get the most out of you digital photography businessIn today’s world, most professional photographers are photographing at least part time with digital camera equipment. And it’s making a world of difference not only in the way you run your business, but also in the way you sell to your clients.

Because digital is instant, there is no wait time for developing film, and processing the film into proofs. With digital, you can load your images directly from your camera into your computer, and be able to look at your images in seconds.

If you’re not using that to your advantage in your sales, you are missing out on a way to double, even triple your income this year.

Let me share with you one powerful strategy that can change the way you currently look at your digital photography business.

Imagine a client coming in for a portrait. The portrait consists of a large family – a mom and dad, their three children, and their children’s families. You have the potential for selling portraiture to four separate families.

In the days of film, you would photograph the portrait, and provide proofs to your client one to two weeks after the sitting. The families would circulate the proofs for a few days (or weeks, or months), and your sales would be low at best.

Now you can sell to these four families the day of the sitting. A few minutes after the sitting, you can bring all families into the sales room, and project the images onto a large screen. They can laugh (and cry) at the images, and help each other choose which are their favorites, and which they can’t live without. You can show the importance of having a large photograph above their fireplace mantle, instead of an 8×10 on their coffee table.

All orders are placed the day of the excitement, and the entire family is happy because they had a wonderful experience.

That’s the power of running a successful digital photography business.

Lori Osterberg owned and operated a high-end wedding photography business for over 18 years, and was one of the premier studios to have an online portfolio in the 1990’s. She understands the nuances of creating a successful studio, and how to build an online presence that will allow you to photograph anywhere in the world. Now she helps photography studios market their businesses, and helps create online tools to help photographers achieve success. Visit her site and sign up for her free ezine at

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