How To Market Like A BIG Photo Studio, Even When You’re Not

What if you could advertise in big magazines, like Elle? Or have your photography be sold out of big box chains like Sam’s Club? And what if you were the only one in your area that would benefit from this form of marketing. Would you be interested?

Click Connection Corporation is a new concept making its way into the U.S. after succeeding to the tune of millions throughout the U.K.

click connection

And the idea is simple. Join and become a member of one of two Click Connection formats:

Click, which targets people interested in the family, baby and pet niches.
Fresh, which targets people interested in fashion makeovers.

They both have yearly membership fees, plus a yearly marketing contribution. Then pay per lead that is delivered to you – and you have a new client coming through your doors.

In addition to the leads, you have several other benefits from joining Click Connection.

1. As a member of either Click or Fresh, you’ll receive special discounts on the things you use most – things like frames, labs, albums and retouching houses.

2. Use the Click Connection logos and branding. Being instantly recognized as a part of an exclusive network does have its benefits.

3.Your membership comes with area exclusivity. Which means you won’t be competing for leads – if they are in your area, the referral will come directly to you.

4. They also offer a unique concept with Photopods. These unique tools will be perfect for gift giving, and will be located in a variety of places your clients shop most.

The next step is contacting them to see if your location is still available.

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