How to Present Your Fashion Products in the Best Way to Attract Customers

There are all kinds of businesses who need to show off their clothing or accessories online in a way that will really captivate those who view them, and really make them want to make these unique pieces their own. From independent fashion design houses through to eclectic boutiques, vintage stores, and even hobbyist designers and seamstresses who fancy trying to sell their creations, there are people in all areas of the fashion sector who care about making sure their products look as appealing as possible on the sites where they are advertised or sold.

Obviously the most important thing here is the photography, because it is these images that will sell your products, but what do you need to consider when planning how to display your products or creations?


To even begin thinking about how to present your products, you need to think about the mood you are trying to achieve. If you are selling high end clothing, the mood you will be going for will probably be quite different to if you are selling quirky bohemian dresses for festivals that you make yourself out of upcycled materials. Do you want your images to look ultra polished, like a Vogue fashion spread, or do you want them to look more down to earth and relatable? Should your images be aspirational (‘I want to buy that dress so I can look as sophisticated as that model’) or illustrative (‘that’s what that dress looks like on a normal person, I think it will suit me.’). When you have decided on this basic mood, it is best to keep it consistent at least throughout collections or campaigns. It would look odd to have professional models in chic settings for one product and your friend posing in your back garden for another.

Models and Photography

If you have decided on the high end look, you will probably need models and a good photographer, unless you happen to have people on hand who can fill this role to a professional standard. If you have never hired models before it can be best to use a company like fashion creative agency Fashot who can handle the casting as well as staging, taking and retouching the photos ready for you to use. Creative agencies work with you to understand the style you want, and then work to achieve it.

Product Only Shots

As well as pictures of the clothes and accessories on people, which tend to be the most enticing, do you also need some more detailed shots of the products alone (for example, a handbag or shoe viewed from different angles, or close ups of the most intricate details on a garment)? Many people are initially sold by how a piece looks in a model shot, but really want to see closer, plainer detail before buying.

Deciding how to present your fashion products is one of the most important parts of selling them online, so if you have any doubts, always talk to a professional creative agency or at the very least a professional product photographer.

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