How To Put Together A Self Promotional Kit To WOW Your Prospects

What do you do when you’re trying to bring in new clients?

You probably have a few marketing tools you use regularly. Maybe a business card, a postcard, or even a brochure. Those are all nice, and can attract your average client. But what if you want to really kick it up a level, and attract a large customer that can bring in a ton of revenue to your studio?

You may need something that stands out from the crowd.

While we’ve talked here before on ways to develop a strong presentation piece or marketing kit, I found a video today from a commercial photographer that shows you how to put the WOW into it.


Great stuff.

Is something like this expensive? You bet. But the idea behind kits like this isn’t to mail them to thousands of people. Instead, its about finding the right people, limiting it to a few dozen or even a few hundred at most, and doing all you can to WOW them into wanting to use you.

Step one – Find your target market

Before you even begin creating a presentation piece, its important that you know whom you will be marketing to. Define your exact target market down to the detail. The more you know, the easier it is to find them and reach out to them. The key to a great presentation piece is speaking directly to the heart. And if you can define them perfectly, it’s easier to reach out to them.

Step two – Create your idea

Use the idea developed here with the video, and start searching online for creative promotional pieces. This will help you come up with strong ideas to put into play. Using a promotional firm or ad agency is always an option, and can be very beneficial if you are targeting just a few major players.

Step three – Establish a budget

How much can you spend developing your presentation kits? Start by determining the total amount you can spend on the project; and then determine how big your list will be. Then begin dividing up and settling on final materials.

For example, if you have $5,000 to spend, don’t immediately go to a per piece value: 1000 mailers at $5 a piece. Instead, look at your options. Talking with a promotional firm may cost hundreds in marketing fees. But because they do this for a living, they may have a variety of resources that you would never know of. Look at all your options before making a final decision.

Step four – Put together a dynamic marketing piece

The fun part comes when its time to put everything together. This is also a place where you can save money. While you may work with an ad agency for ideas, it might be more beneficial to order everything wholesale and build the kits yourself. Have fun, and add your own touch to the piece.

Step five – Mail to your list

Mail to your list in increments, especially if you have dozens to send out. Because the response could be overwhelming, the last thing you want happen is not being able to respond in a timely manner. Instead, create a timeline and begin the process – maybe a dozen kits every Monday. You may also play around with timing, discovering which day of the week is best. This will help you as you send out more promotional pieces in the future.

Step six – Follow up

Creative mailings work well, and you’ll most likely get a high response rate. Even so, everyone is busy. Don’t rely on them getting back to you; schedule a time to call each person you send a kit to. Take copious notes, and begin establishing a relationship with each one. Even if you don’t work together right now, make a note to call back in the future. This is the start of a long term relationship.

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