How To Start Up A Pinterest Contest

What’s the true purpose of running a contest on a social site? Attention of course.

Yet the problem often lies in coming up with the details. How do you run it? What do you offer?

Let me show you an example from a company Layla Grayce.

They have a beautiful Pinterest account and are very active. One of their boards is Pin It To Win It, in which they offer contests. You can join a contest very easily.

If you follow the rules, you will create exposure for them in a variety of ways, including on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Then after the deadline, they choose their five favorites and post them back to their blog and Facebook. Voting begins and people can vote for their favorites – more exposure as people return to see who the lucky finalists are. And of course exposure throughout the contest to possibly vote multiple times, and to see who the winners are.

And along the way, I’m sure people buy as well. When you find something you love and is perfect for the room you are creating, why wouldn’t you buy?

Finally they give 3 prizes – retail value with a maximum of $850, though I’m sure actual prices are considerably less, depending on what the winner chooses.

And again, I’m sure they experience additional sales not only from the winners, but also from the people checking back in again.

So that’s how you play the game with products. But how do you do it with photography?

How about designing the perfect shoot. Find the clothes you would wear, your dream location, and your favorite props.

How about sharing your favorite family photo from years past – and why you want it updated today?

How about creating a story through a Pinterest board – how you got engaged, your baby’s first year, etc. Best story wins.

Think about your prizes – what if someone wins who is 2000 miles away?

Then share your ideas here. Have you run Pinterest contests? Played any you love? I’d love to see them – share them here in the comments.

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