How To Stop Feeling Guilty For Wanting More

You have a job that pays the bills.

You have a great family life.

You make enough to afford the fun things in life.

Your kids are happy and doing well in school.

You live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood.

You drive a nice car.

You can enjoy your Starbucks every day.

Then why do you keep wishing for more?

And more importantly, why do you keep feeling so guilty for wanting more?

With so much in the media right now about how bad the economy is, it’s hard to not question your feelings if you aren’t facing a similar situation. If someone can’t pay the mortgage because they don’t have a job, should you really be complaining about a job you don’t like when it brings in more than enough income?

Tough it out. Hunker down. Be happy with what you have.

You’ve probably heard more than that from family and friends.

Yet is it true? Should you really be grateful for what you currently have?

The answer is yes … and no.

You see, it is important to acknowledge all of the good in life. That’s what keeps us balanced and focused.

But it’s equally important to look at your life as a whole and start planning for the next phase. In order to manifest what’s next in your life and make space for it, it’s important to find out what you truly want and begin putting those pieces into play.

Trust In Yourself

You are the only one who knows what is right for you. You must decide your future path and find a way to put the pieces into play. These feelings aren’t coming up from nowhere. Instead they are meant to help direct you throughout your life. The more you trust it, the more it will lead you to where you are supposed to be.

Discover The Truth

Why do you want this? What does it mean to you? And more importantly, what has been stopping you from achieving it? This step is huge. Maybe you want more time to spend with the kids, yet your husband wants you to share equally in making money for the family. He doesn’t want you to quit because of the lost income, yet it’s all you think about. Your guilt isn’t just stopping you from doing what you want; it’s also affecting all of your relationships because you are holding back from giving all that you can.

Lay Down Your Path

In many cases, your dream is just a dream. Maybe the reason your husband wants you to keep your job is because he doesn’t see any viable alternative. Create the path for him. Put together a business plan to show him you have no intentions of sitting down and eating bonbons every day. Instead, when the kids are in school, you’ll be creating a new business that will quickly replace your old income within months, and possibly surpass it in a year or two.

When he sees your potential and your determination, it can make all the difference in the world.

Dreaming about something new is great. But without the solid backing behind it, it’s hard for others to get equally excited.

Don’t just dream about it; put it into reality. Ask yourself:

Why do I want more?

Where is this coming from?

Can this really become a possibility?

When you know all that is behind your thinking, it’s easier to put it into words for those around you. It’s easier to build a plan around it. And it’s easier to make it all a possibility

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