How To Take Better Pictures Using Squidoo

Have you ever heard of Squidoo? Have you ever tried Squidoo?

I’ve been using Squidoo for years. It has a lot to offer anyone that is willing to take the time to use it for their business.

Squidoo is a site where you share your knowledge, expertise, and basic love of a particular thing. Choose your passion. Then head over to Squidoo and create a lens. With Squidoo’s design tools, you can easily add text, photographs, videos, and links to a variety of online resources. You can even choose from a variety of money making tools, allowing you to share in the revenue if your lens becomes popular and begins making money.

For me, the best way to use Squidoo is to showcase your expertise. I created a lens today entitled How To Take Better Pictures.


Then in 5 easy steps, plus a YouTube video, a reader can see simple ways of improving their photography. And of course I link back some of the information to my newest website.

How can you use Squidoo?

Why not share your expertise. A wedding photographer could do a lens on “10 Tips To Choosing A Perfect Wedding Photographer”. A commercial photographer could do a lens on “Creating The Perfect Catalog Image”. Just take your niche, and come up with a way to prove your expertise.

Why would you want to spend the time to create a lens? Two reasons.

1. Squidoo is an incredibly popular site. If your lens gains traction, you could be seen by thousands of people that would never have made it to your website.

2. It’s easy to drive traffic back to your site. Give a lot of info. Provide one or two links. And you’ll have dozens of people reading all about you.

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