I Can’t Go Anywhere Without A Camera – Can You?

As a photographer, do you always find yourself documenting your life? Do you carry a camera wherever you go?

Maybe that’s how you can reallIMG_6117y tell the professionals. From their kids swim meets, to a day at the park, a professional always has his or her camera within reach.

You might not capture truly great, sellable images again and again. It’s more the act of being able to take photos, and share them with those around you.

I attended a career night for my daughter’s girl scout troop last night, and one of the moms brought out her laptop – filled with a slide show of imagesIMG_6121 shot during a recent camping trip. They were great!

On a local hiking trip, we photographed around the area, just to have fun. It really makes you open up and look differently at your surrounding area. It’s not just about enjoying the fresh air. It’s about seeing it through the lens – what can you capture that will make an impact on you later?

So what do you do to photograph for fun? Does it make you look at your surrounding area differently? Share some of your favorite photos – I’d love to see them. [post a comment below, and add the web address to your Flickr account, or other source of your photo.]

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