I don’t need to be online

So you have a small studio and you don’t think you need to be online.

Think again.

There are very few industries that don’t need a web presence. It’s the most economical, easy and life-changing way to bring your business into a successful venture.

You can type anything – ANYTHING – into your favorite search engine and find something related to your search. Whether for research or for purchase, I can guarantee you someone is out there trying to find a way to build a business online.

Camel Photography – just trying to think obscure here

Strawberry Photography – a blog where a photographer mentioned strawberries

Island Photography – who wouldn’t love to attend a workshop in Greece

Try it for yourself. No matter what you can think of, or what words you can combine together, I’m sure you’ll find search results.

Now imagine if you were really trying for these search results!

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