Is It Art … Or Is It A Camera Toss?

I love finding new ways of using a camera or taking pictures. So as I read my Wired magazine over the weekend, I was intrigued with one of their How To articles, How To Take a Camera Toss Photo. The directions were in the magazine, but you could head online to see the actual images. Watch the video too, it explains how to do it (just don’t try it with your mega-expensive SLR).

From there, I headed over to the Flickr camera toss pool to see what people are doing.

camera toss on flickr

Some of the images are amazing – like this:

camera toss photograph

And this:

camera toss photograph 2

It also reminded me of William Wright’s Light Threads that I wrote about this summer after attending an Arts Festival. Could you turn your camera toss images into fine art – it’s a definite possibility.

With over 7200 members in the Flickr group, I guess there are a lot of people out there tossing cameras. Have you ever tried it?

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