Is Your Pinterest Traffic Worthless?

If you look at any business media source today, the focus has moved off of Facebook and on to Pinterest. And for good reason. It’s the largest growing social media site yet.

But don’t let the large numbers fool you. The millions of people that are flocking to it are doing it for their own agenda, not yours. The audience (mainly women) love looking at all of the great ideas posted by other people and sharing them with their own followers. The numbers are there. But there is one thing that may not be there … valuable traffic.

If people are viewing your work just because they love the image, what is that doing for you?

Nothing.Is Your Pinterest Traffic Worthless

Unless you do something with it.

Are you seeing the residual of people talking about and sharing your images with their followers? Or are you getting actual traffic to your site, finding people clicking over to your pages and spending the time looking around at what you have to offer?

The only way to find out is to physically track your statistics and monitor what people are doing. You must follow the traffic, where they click to once they come into your site, and most importantly, do they convert once they get there?

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The key to a successful web presence isn’t traffic … it conversion. If 100 visit your site and 100 convert, you will be successful. If you have one million people visit your site with zero conversions, you will fail.

So the key is:

1. Having a specific goal for using Pinterest. This includes what you will post, how you will share, and what people will do when they click to your shares.

2. Monitor your traffic all the time, sending it where you want it to go, and making sure you are getting the desired results.

We have found the things that motivate people to click over and convert the best are:

  • Smaller images/multiple images – things that are so small they warrant the person to click and visit rather than view it on Pinterest.
  • Infographics that offer a lot of information – again its too small to read on Pinterest.
  • Great headlines that make people curious.
  • Landing pages that direct people to the next step. If they love what you’ve provided, ask them to “click here” to see more like it, or to help them take the next step in building a relationship with you.

Yes, Pinterest traffic can be worthless. Or it can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. The choice is yours.

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