It’s All About Your Attitude

We started out our weekend by having dinner with longtime friends, Cliff and Margie. We met them well over 15 years ago at one of our first bridal shows. Though both of our businesses have changed considerably over the past 15 years, we still enjoy “talking shop” on occasional ntoastights out.

As we were sitting there having dinner, I realized how unique their business is. You see a lot of photographers I talk with tell me about their troubles. They lost the once referral source for weddings, and their business is drying up. They are competing with 30 photographers for this year’s senior market – up from 8 last year.

But not from Cliff and Margie. Business is up. Business is booming. They are on track to do one of their best years yet. And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that from them. They pretty much say that year after year. Yep, their business is growing year after year.

So why can some still be very well into a Six Figure Photographer business, and others are struggling? What’s the difference?

Mainly it’s in the attitude. They do well because they push to succeed. They take what worked from the past years, and continue to make it work again and again.

They also listen. I guarantee they aren’t doing what every other photographer is. In fact, they take what everyone else is doing, and turn that into a bigger plus for using their studio?

Tired of no customer service? They offer nothing but customer service.

Handing over digital files on CD’s? Why?

The list goes on and on. In fact, they are doing exactly what I talk about in my Six Figure Photographer program. As we were developing our program, and becoming Six Figure Photographers ourselves, we met with Cliff and Margie on a monthly basis for our mastermind group. They were developing their business right along side us.  And neither of us have ever looked back.

One thing we’re both reading right now: The Success Principles. I’ve had this amazing book for a couple of years now, and I pick it up all the time. I read it through once from beginning to end. Now I pick it up, open it up to a page, and read just that chapter. Usually I end up on a chapter that directly applies to what I need in my business. And I take it to heart, and apply what I learn.

I enjoy books like this because you can always learn from them. The principles apply today, and they’ll apply 5 years from now.

So I challenge you to start thinking differently. Don’t concentrate on the negatives – focus on the positives. What can you do to turn your business around?

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