It’s Not The Picture, It’s The Presentation

Can you sell a photo like this to your bride?

Well, maybe. It is a pretty cool photograph of the table se46-wedding-photographytting. But let’s face it; if a bride is making cuts, she’d much rather have an image of her family and friends than a photo of the table.

But if you show her how an album layout can be put together including the table image, and show her why it tells the complete story of her wedding, you’re much more likely to sell her that image.

That’s where 90 percent of all photographers fail.

They take their images, and hand over the proofs/CD/DVD of the images and let the bride choose.

The bride doesn’t have your vision. She doesn’t know what to do with the images. She only wants memories.

You need to sell her the story – not the images.

She wants a special way to remember her wedding. If you hand her a stack of “proofs” or 4×6 images, or a CD/DVD, they will forever remain in that format. And she won’t have a very good impression of you, her photographer.

But if you help her design a fantastic storybook of her wedding, one that she can share with people anywhere, anytime, she’ll remember you. And so will her friends.

People want the final product – not the process. Your job is to use your marketing to convince them that the other 90 percent of photographers are wrong – they’re only giving half the service!

And the BIG fees come with it. Imagine selling hundreds or even thousands of images INSTEAD of handing over the CD.

Choice is yours. Which will you be doing?

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