Joining Photography Associations: Is It For You Or Your Clients Benefit?

As a start up photography studio, there are dozens of places you can invest your money. First you start with the obvious: camera equipment. And then you move to the basic marketing materials: business cards and a website.

Where do Photography groups and associations fall into a marketing strategy? Do you join a group for your own benefit, or do you join it for your clients?

From my perspective, it’s a little of both.

photography associations

With dozens of photography associations to choose from, it’s easy to find one that covers your niche market – with your interests and your goals in mind. Check out my growing list of photography associations.

Photographic groups allow you to:

  • Network with other photographers
  • Learn from other professional photographer
  • Find the right resources for your business
  • Attend training seminars and expos
  • Win awards and gain certification

For example, we joined the Professional Photographers of America early in our career, and Andrew achieved his CPP – Certified Professional Photographer. He did this to further his knowledge in photography, and to showcase his willingness to become the best he could be in the photographic industry.

From a client’s perspective, this may or may not have any influence on their decision process. For some, they love doing business with those that are industry leaders. For others, they simply want to like the work of the photographer they choose.The Photography Reflector Builder

If you really have a desire to take your photography business to a full time level – if you really want to become successful as a photographer, than I do feel its necessary for you to join groups. It’s important to stay on top of industry trends, know and follow the leaders in your niche, and become the best that you can be.

And being able to list your accreditations and links with national and international associations doesn’t look bad on your resume. If someone is choosing between you and another studio, showcasing your affiliation with an association may prove to be the winning touch – it proves your dedication to your field.

What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite association or group?

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