Jumpstarting Your Photography Business – You Gotta Try This Resource

Today I spent some time going through some of most well received information on VirtualPhotographyStudio on sales and bringing in new clients. With well over 1200 posts helping you sell and market your photography, there are many different posts that have attracted attention, and its always fun to go back through information that can have a huge impact on your business.

Instead of putting it together as just a post, I thought I would give you another option.

Head over to my Virtual Photography Studio – Jumpstarting Your Photography Business Magazine.  There you can easily read through everything in magazine format, clicking over to read more detail as you wish.

Now that you’ve viewed content in magazine format, what did you think?

See the possibilities for your own business?

By creating a variety of posts on one subject matter, you can create multiple magazines and send them to your customers for more detail.

How about one on creating the perfect outdoor portrait?

Or one on senior portraiture?

Or describing a Trash The Dress sitting in detail?

Whatever you specialize in, you can create detailed magazines – all for free.

The process is easy. If you have the content in place on your blog [you do, don’t you?], then its as easy as dropping in your URLs to your select posts and managing them with a click of your mouse. Zeen’s editing panel makes it easy to bring in content, edit and move it around, add titles and cover photos, preview and publish. You can have something made in minutes.

Just one more cool and innovative way to spread the word about your business.

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