Why Landing Pages Are Important For Your Potential Customers

I was on a deal of the day site today, seeing what the current offer was. I check out a bunch of them every week, and have found some really good deals.

Anyway, on one of the sites was a deal from a photographer. He was advertising a Trash The Dress session at a reduced rate – almost 70 percent off his normal session fee. Great deal – and with the coming wedding season, I would have assumed he would have had a number of takers. Yet when I entered the site, not one person had taken him up on his offer.

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So I continued to read. And realized that he made one fatal error that potentially caused him a ton of sessions.

He doesn’t understand the importance of landing pages.

A landing page is a page online that corresponds with an offer you’ve made. It’s a page that backs up your sales strategy, and gives people more support and desire to proceed with the purchase.

So if you are directing them from a day of the deal site to a website, the website better support what your “deal” is. In this case, your website should support your offer of a “trash the dress” promotion, and should have plenty of wedding photographs, and other “trash the dress” sittings as samples.

Yet when I clicked over to his site, nothing supported this offer. In fact, there was no support at all for wedding photography. His galleries were filled with product, commercial, and stock photography. His bio described him as a commercial photographer.

If I were a young bride looking for a wedding photographer, nothing would lend to trusting this person as “the one”. If I was having a simple wedding, and wanted to invest in some fun “trash the dress” photographs, nothing on his site made me believe this photographer could accomplish it.

Instead of sending people to his gallery, he would have been much better off creating a simple site exclusively for his trash the dress concept. Load it up with images, and support his pricing for this session. You could accomplish this with a simple blog format, and a few hours of time loading up your text and photographs.

A little investment in marketing. A lot of potential in future clients.

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