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You’re a photographer and you know you need to learn photography marketing strategies that will help your business. But there are so many places to go; so many different ideas out there. What do you do? Who do you trust?

When we were first starting out in the photography business, we fell into the Over-Abundance problem. Over-Abundance is where you have a ton of information presented to you by a variety of sources. You have so much information available, you don’t really know what to do, so you end up doing very little. And when we started out almost 20 years ago, we didn’t have the Internet to add to our problem. So I really sympathize with new business owners today!

Learn Photography Marketing Strategies

The problem isn’t lack of information. The problem is too much information. So much so that you go into complete overwhelm, and as a result shut down and do very little with it. Even if you start out trying one thing, something else comes along that seems better, so you jump ship to try that out. And by jumping ship, you miss all the benefits of the first marketing strategy.

How can you solve that problem?

Choose a mentor you resonate well with
Realize there are a lot of people out there willing to help you. You may resonate with more than one. You may find one today, and find another a few weeks or months from now. While it is important to have a variety of mentors, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start by looking at several mentors. Choose one or two whom really speak to you. Make sure you learn more about them, and can actually see yourself in their position some day. If you can’t say, “I want to be like _____ someday” then move on to find a mentor you can say that about.

Learn from them
Once you find your mentor, immerse yourself in their tools. Sign up for their ezines. Get their reports. Try their coaching programs. Attend their seminars. Dedicate the time to learn all you can from that mentor, and apply everything you learn. Granted, some of their marketing strategies might not be for your style of photography. But I guarantee there are ways to take everything they talk about to your own marketing.

Stay on course
Dedicate the time to make things work. The mentor you are following probably spent years building up their current business. You can’t build your own photography business overnight – it’s going to take time. So dedicate the time to make your mentors’ ideas work. One of the best ways I’ve found to implement marketing strategies is to calendar them. If I’m learning 6 new ideas from a mentor, I calendar them so I make sure I implement them. I may put the first into place the first week. And the sixth may not happen for six months. But by listing them all out on my marketing calendars and my goal sheets, they won’t fall to the wayside.

Find other mentors
I can still name all the mentors that have helped me build my businesses. Why? Because I’m still following nearly all of them. I may not attend their seminars anymore, or buy their coaching products – I’m doing that with new mentors. But because they had a profound impact on my direction, I still follow what they say. And in many cases, they’ve gone beyond mentors and have turned into friends.

And because each of my mentors is growing and changing as well, they also talk about their new mentors. These people make great mentors for you as well. If you’ve been following someone, and like the way they are building their business, chances are you’ll also resonate well with their new recommendations. They have the same style, the same goals, the same morals. They mesh with your existing philosophies, and can easily help you learn more marketing strategies to help your photography business grow.

Just remember, whenever you find a new mentor, always give them the same timeframe to make their strategies work.

Consistently review
The hardest thing to do is realize you are floating around taking in a ton of advice, and not putting any of it into action. That’s why I recommend weekly reviews. Head to your favorite coffee shop, or take some time away from your office. Review your weekly goals and accomplishments. Have you stayed on track? Are you following through? If not, its time to adjust and put yourself back on track.

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  1. Great post. The value of mentors is all to often overlooked. When it comes to marketing, there really isn’t a better source of information than those who have been successful doing it.


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