Leave the Professional in Professional Wedding Photographer

Is there a difference between an amateur and professional wedding photographer? Definitely.

It’s one of the most difficult forms of photography there is. You have to know how to shoot in all conditions, at all times, and with many expectations.

This video shows why its so important to know what you’re doing if you are a photographer, and to hire the best if you are a bride. When even the judge knows more about photography than the photographer, you know you have a problem.

6 thoughts on “Leave the Professional in Professional Wedding Photographer”

  1. The judge doesn’t know more than she does about photography, he just doesn’t gives her a chance to respond. It’s almost like a setup to snare the blinded photographer.

    Is the work produced for the wedding similar to the portfolio shown when the photographer was hired? Why isn’t this looked into? If the bride looked at her portfolio and agreed on a style etc that the photos ended up matching where does she think she has the right to sue the photographer?! She knew what she was getting into.

    Great post about it summing up all my feelings here : http://bit.ly/cnLrCO

    It’s just ganging up and ridiculing a photographer without giving her a reasonable chance to explain herself.

    At 4:00 he asks how she is going to be able to take “adequate photos with a lens this slow”? And before she can answer, he cuts her off. Hey Joe, maybe with a tripod, or upping the ISO? Lots of ways, and we may have been able to hear how she would have done it if you hadn’t cut her off.

    At 6:05 he makes the judgment that to be a professional photographer one must use a “1? series camera. I won’t even go there. Fool. What about 5DMKII’s – losers. D300’s – crap.

    I agree that yes, if you’re not a great photographer that isn’t comfortable with weddings to steer clear. I certainly know I couldn’t handle the pressure yet, but to publicly flog this photographer who charged a little less than the norm yet still delivered on the original request is quite frankly ridiculous.

    Quite how anyone can side with the Judge on this is beyond me……

  2. On this type of shows ussually they have a script, but the pictures are not too bad, however, honestly the Judge is wrong when he say that they should have tripod inside if they are not using flash, pictures will be move since the couple are moving all the time. They are rookies, another lesson that cheap become expensive…

  3. Yes there is a definite difference between an amateur and a professional. Sounds like these people are starting off in the business with no clue on equipment or creativity in images. Price will reflect the work you will end up receiving. What does a $1300 package in this case deliver you?

  4. by the mear fact that 1, she doesnt now the speed of the lens when asked (its an f4 by the way), this is grounds enough to fine her..professional my ass..redneck wanna be…a rebel xti with an ef-s kit lens…and professional wedding photographers dont go in the same sentence…also her personaity is not suited to the job. and..even if se got any prints printed at wallmart..telling the client is asking for a shit storm

  5. So if I go to a mechanic that’s not using Snap-On tools, can I sue him and get double-damages? Isn’t it the work that counts and not the tools??

  6. Wow – reality TV still sucks. Yes, she should have used a better camera or at least better lenses, and never told the client where she got the pictures printed. But, the work seemed decent, yet the judge had no interest in hearing her side. I didn’t see any sign of reasonableness at any point. Good reason to belong to the PPA – some protection when clients “disagree” with the photographer.


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