Market Your Photo Studio And Donate Too

People love doing things for a cause. And when you can give something and get something too, all the better. has come up with an idea to help fund breast cancer research – right in the middle of breast cancer awareness month. On October 11th, donate your time and session fees for the day to help a great cause, and maybe pull in a few new clients too.

Images For A Cure

With two and a half weeks left, its important you start immediately. Email and snail mail all of your existing clients, prospects, lists, and vendors a short letter you are taking part in this worthy cause – your way of helping out during breast cancer awareness month.

Create a special background for the occasion – or meet in a special location within your area: a portrait in the park series. Then take reservations for a set number of sessions that day. Let people know in your letter you’ll only be shooting XX number of portraits that day; once the sessions are gone, they are gone.

The important thing is to get the letters/email out immediately. And start the process now.

You may also want to add a P.S. to your letter and let people know if they can’t use the portrait session themselves, pass the letter to a friend. Your goal is to have XX number of portrait sessions so you can donate $xxx to the cause.

And when you register on the site, you’ll also have the exposure of being a participating photographer. Use it for cross promotion on your own site or blog as well.

If you participate, I’d love to hear how you do. Drop me a line below in the comments.

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