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Marketing On The Internet Who would have ever imagined a couple of years ago that a new wave of marketing was emerging on the professional photographer. When we were first introduced to the Internet, a world of possibilities opened up to us. The Internet has so much to offer for such a small price. We jumped on for the ride of our lives!




To begin creating your own home page, you must first choose your domain name. Domain names are your address – this will be how your clients find you. Your domain name should be short and concise and relate specifically to you and your business, such as Because a domain name is your address, you should use it like your address and post it everywhere: brochures, business cards, letters, advertisements. Don’t hide your Web address within the text of your letters or brochures. Post it as a stand alone similar to your phone number. Also, remember to give your Web address out to telephone inquiries. You give out your studio’s address and directions on how to find you. Why not tell them how to find you on the Web!

As you build your Web site, remember people use the Internet to research anything and everything, at a time that is convenient for them. Therefore, the most useful thing you can give them is information. Imagine your Web site from your clients perspective – what would you look for? Because photography is visual, your Web site can be a wonderful tool to show them what you do best – photograph. Prospective clients can view your portfolio at their leisure, and can contact you through e-mail when they are interested in talking with you more.

You can also use your Web site for your current clients by putting together small portfolios from each wedding. This will allow your clients to view their photographs in a matter of days, and will build their excitement for when they come in to make their final selections. It will also build excitement with friends and family who may not have otherwise viewed your photography. Once you begin marketing your Web address, you must be willing to maintain your Web site on a continual basis.

People often browse Web sites over and over again if they know you change your site often. Change entices them to visit on a regular basis, and may help them to make the decision to contact you for more information. One important feature that you should build into your Web site is a link to ask for more information, either through your e-mail or a fill-in-the-blank form. This will allow potential clients to quickly ask for more information when they are interested in your services. Then check regularly to see if you have messages.

The Internet provides information quickly. The quicker you respond to any inquiries, the more impressed your clients will be. Finally, have fun with your Web site. If it’s fun to design, it will be fun to view. People enjoy being entertained as they gain the knowledge they are looking for. Imagine how easy your initial consultation will be if they are excited about you and your photographs before they have even met with you!

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