Mindset Your Way To Success

I’m a firm believer in using mentors to achieve success in your life. Why create the path yourself when you can follow in someone else’s footsteps?

So anytime you find me relaxing by the pool, driving to a meeting, or with spare minutes on the weekends, I’ll either have a book in hand or be listening to an audio file on my iPod. (And of course lots of training seminars!)

I was introduced to a man a few weeks ago, and decided to listen to his tape series. If you believe in laws of attraction, you may be interested as well.

So last night on my way home to and from my Mastermind group, I listened to part 4 in the series by David Neagle. I’ve learned a lot from the entire series, but one thing he said made me stop the program, and sit and think for awhile.

And of course restructure it for my photographers!

wedding reception photographyThink for a moment about what brings you satisfaction with your business (or your dreams of starting a photography business.) Chances are it’s the artwork itself. You love using your camera to take photographs. You love looking through the viewfinder, knowing you’re about to capture a perfect image. You love opening the digital file, enhancing it, printing it, and displaying it for your customer. Your pleasure comes from the entire process of creating a work of art. That’s where your passion lies.

Now let me ask you one question.

How do you feel about selling your photography?

Did you just tense up? Did you think of a used car salesman? Did you think high pressure? Did you think that’s the worst part about being in business for yourself?

In order to be in business – especially if you strive to be one of my Six Figure Photographers – you have to get just as much pleasure from selling your work as you do from creating your work.

I remember one wedding in particular that Andrew and I did. We flew several thousand miles to attend a weekend long event. We attended the rehearsal dinner, and a full day at the wedding itself. It was nothing short of phenomenal. The bride and groom were ecstatic to have us there – photographs meant the world to them.

wedding ceremony photography We were the true professionals. And we knew each image we captured would be a treasure in their final album. We knew what to take, and how we would ultimately place it in each page layout. We let the bride and groom relax, and allowed them to enjoy the day without a lot of interruptions. We had guests tell us how beautiful the images were¬† – and they hadn’t even seen them yet! They just loved the entire process, and KNEW they would turn out perfectly.

Needless to say they did, and the bride and groom purchased a several volume set. Because selling was as important as the images themselves, and we sold constantly along the way with everything we did.

That’s being a Six Figure Photographer. Want to be one too?

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