Photographing the DNC 2008 at Pepsi Center

I had a special day today, and was one of a few thousand that got to tour the Pepsi Center, home of the Democratic National Convention site in downtown Denver.

No matter if you’re Democrat or Republican [or somewhere in between] it’s an exciting time to be in Denver. Denver’s last Democratic Convention was held 100 years ago in 1908 – which makes this a historic moment, one that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

And as a photographer, it was fun to find a variety of viewpoints, and photograph everything as it was happening. I shared the experience with several other photographer friends, Jeannine and Brad Crooks, and Ronald Lewis, and together we enjoyed a fun-filled day in Denver.

The outside of Pepsi Center is decorated with the red, white and blue.

Entrance to DNC 2008 Pepsi Center

Already the protestors and propaganda are evident all around downtown.

Protestor at DNC 2008

Outside every restaurant on the Pepsi Center grounds has been taken over by the media.

Fox news headquarters DNC 2008

Everywhere you look, the media is setting up and ready to go. The wires and satellites were everywhere.

CNN Express tour bus at Pepsi Center

And the stage area is amazing.

Inside Pepsi Center DNC 2008 2

Want to see more? Visit my Flickr to see the rest of my DNC 2008 images.

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  1. These are very nice pics i wish i were there. its unfortunate i live in Africa Uganda in particular. By the Uganda is aland full of nice pictorial scenes. great work


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