On The Third Day of Christmas, My Photographer Gave To Me …

I was out reading through a bunch of my RSS feeds from the blogs I love, and I came across several great things for that hard-to-buy-for photographer in your life.

Bottle Cap Tripods

Have you ever been on vacation, and had the opportunity for a bottle cap tripodperfect shot – but you couldn’t get it without a tripod? Now you’ll never be without a tripod again, with Bottle Cap Tripods.

These little jewels fit on any standard water or soda bottle, and pivots up to 15 degrees in any direction.


Tired of looking through the same old lens? Give LensBaby a try. lensbaby These amazing lenses give you more options, more possibilities, and a whole lot of fun.

It’s always fun to be out shooting and have someone say, “wow”. You’ll definitely get that a lot with these lenses. Use one – or all three – to create something new in the way you shoot.


Do you love playing Monopoly? Do you have several editions (I photoopoly have the Denver edition). Why not make your own with PhotoOpoly. Dig out your old photos, place them on the board, and create a fantastic game perfect for the holidays.

I’m thinking this will be the perfect gift for the gift exchange this year! And I’m willing to bet it’ll be the one gift everyone fights over.

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