One Great Idea – How To Spend Two Years On A Motorcycle

Who says you can’t use your photography to live life anyway you choose?

Meet Serdar Sunny Unal

A few years ago, this professional photographer decided to leave Los Angeles for a five month expedition down to Latin America. His epic adventure – now nicknamed “LA2BA” covered over 40,000 miles through 15 countries, and gave him the opportunity to photograph like never before. From the moment I read one of his quotes, I was hooked into his story:

“By the time I found myself on a sailboat heading to Colombia, I’d already realized that a new chapter in my life had begun, and things would never be the same.”

Right now, the world is all about change. The concept of a job doesn’t mean what it used to. Security doesn’t mean what it used to. Nor does the concept of risk.

And some professions just seem to be more flexible to change things up and do something completely out of the ordinary.

When Serdar was pressed with the question “why?”, he answered:

“I suddenly got terrified by the speed of time, and decided not to wait for tomorrow to live my dreams. And once I managed to get out the door, there was no reason to ever go back”.

A concept we should all take to heart.

So what did his epic adventure turn into?

The largest travel book ever put to an iPad app.

You can purchase Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, over 1200 pages of journals and images in the iTunes store.

Or on February 28, the first 500 people to his site will be able to download a short cut – a condensed 380 page excerpt covering the Central America legs of the expedition for free. Just to see what its like … and to give you your own ideas for an epic journey.

Of course once you get the sneak peek, the full version will be a click away, and be your own blueprint to the future you’ve been dreaming about.

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