One Great Idea: Meet Jennifer Bowen

I move in and out of photographers’ sites all day long. But every once in awhile I find a photographer that really “gets it” and holds my attention for a long time. And in this case, I was on there for 30 minutes when I decided to email her and include her in my One Great Idea section.

Meet Jennifer Bowen

When I first clicked into her site/blog, I could tell immediately she understood how to reach out to her clients. The image that greets you says WOW. It has a clean style. And the posts are amazing. When you see the images, you have to read the copy as well – you really want the whole story.

The post I was greeted with was Kaoife & Josh’s Wedding At Sassi. I was pulled in immediately by the photograph. And as I started reading, I actually clicked around to the links to the various vendors. What vendor wouldn’t love to be connected to a site like this!

jennifer bowen

Now imagine a bride viewing this instead – couldn’t she gain a ton of ideas from a post like this? How about gaining ideas from the many other posts Jennifer has on the site as well? What bride wouldn’t love to find Jennifer as a resource for planning her own wedding!

All of that – and more – captured my attention. And that isn’t even my takeaway idea!

Takeaway Idea:

Have fun with your clients, and get them to take action.

Ever thought of running a contest to motivate your clients? Check out Jennifer’s post Contest: Make Me Cry. It’s a contest for her current clients, and provided a fabulous prize – a free photo session – to her clients. And gave Jennifer an added bonus!

For a client to enter, they simply needed to write a short story describing their favorite photograph from a previous session. Describe why the photograph touched your heart. Easy enough.

Then a few posts later, she showcased the winner. Check out the winning photograph, and what the winner wrote about the photograph. Very moving.

So with just a few simple words, one post, and a little bit of reading, she’s created a wonderful testimonial on her site that clients will love. And one that will help bring in clients many years down the road.

Isn’t that better than the average 10-page websites most photographers showcase?

Way to go Jennifer – I enjoyed your ideas!


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