One Great Idea – Meet Jonathan Worth

What if you decided to use new media to change your business, instead of doing business the way you always had?

That’s what led me to Jonathan Worth, and why I decided to use him as one of my “One Great Idea” posts.

I found Jonathon through the site of a writer, Cory Doctorow. The title of his post caught my eye, Jonathan Worth’s copy-friendly photography business experiment. And as I read further, one statement really made me take notice:

… he’s also experimenting with new business-models for photography that leverage, rather than fight, the Internet.

So of course I had to read further, and find out all about this experiment.

Jonathan Worth is a talented commercial photographer. Which is how Jonathan and Cory ended up together. Jonathan took a photo of Cory in his office. Cory went Flickr crazy, making notes all over the photograph. Which made the two of them talk about photos in the creative commons, rights of photographs, etc.

They ended up coming up with a plan to combine forces, create sales using both of their products/specialties, and giving the proceeds to charity. [While they are doing this for charitable reasons, you can definitely learn from this example, and create ways to make money for your business too.]

one great idea jonathan worth

Head over to Etsy, and you can buy original limited edition prints, created, signed, stamped and numbered by Jonathan. In edition to the print, you’ll also get a portion of a manuscript of Cory’s newest fiction novel, to be released in April 2010, signed by Cory.

Two unique items by people that have developed their own level of fame within their distinct industries. Together, it makes a dynamite sales strategy.

How successful will it be? I’m anxious to see how fast they sell out. And how many fans they each attract to their business by doing this unique form of marketing.

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    • Thanks so much Jonathan. I’ve really found your journey to be very exciting and eye opening. I know things are changing daily in the online world, and its always nice to keep up with the people that are building the path. I look forward to learning more in the coming months.


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