One Great Idea – Meet Mandie Haberman

There are two things that make a great online marketing campaign:

1. Make it seasonal – something that attracts people because of its timeliness

2. Gives you a reason to come back to your site again and again

Yesterday I found a photographer out of Wisconsin that is meeting both of those requirements with her newly released 25 Days of Christmas.

Mandie Haberman with Red Gecko Studio started the campaign on December 1st, and will run it through Christmas. Each day she offers her readers one great deal that they can use anytime from the purchase date through the end of 2010. Each deal comes with a few simple rules:

You must pay immediately through her site – a simple buy now button connects up with PayPal.

And quantities are limited. In order to get the deal, you have to act fast as she’s only offering a few certificates for each deal.

red gecko studio

And in the first two days alone, the savings is adding up to be pretty substantial for her clients. A $225 portrait session for only $25. And a $200 gift certificate for only $100 – to use any way you choose.

As a client or potential client in the Wisconsin area, these two special value items would be reason enough to check back every day, and invest in something you know you’ll use during 2010.

Even though Mandie is fairly new to being a full time photographer, with promotions like this, I know 2010 is going to be a very good year for her.

Takeaway Idea:

Give your clients and prospects value, and give them multiple ways of spending money with you.

As a photographer, the key to bringing in good clients is to let them see the value in what you do. A client never has the goal of spending as little as possible; they simply want the best value for their money. Even in tough economic times.

By making an offer upfront that allows them to see the value, you’re bringing them in the door. If they love what you do, they’ll not only spend more with you, they’ll spread the word to family and friends.

But the key is getting them in the door.

To do the 25 Days Of Christmas through direct mail would cost hundreds of dollars in printing and mailing costs. And a lot of time to get it all organized.

But with a blog, you can create new campaigns every day, and release them as soon as you’re done writing. Have an idea and you can implement it in just a few minutes.

While you can use this idea any time of the year, I especially like the 25 Days Of Christmas idea. Afraid you’ll forget about the idea by the end of 2010? If you’ve purchased my marketing calendar in the past, you already have in place a system that allows you to remember important marketing campaigns, and have them ready to work for you when the time comes. Don’t have a marketing calendar in place? Maybe now is the time to get started.

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