One Great Idea – Meet Neil Creek

As many of you know, Andrew and I are a little obsessed with Twitter (@LoriOsterberg and @photoshoptips). I run Twhirl on my desktop all day long to track the conversations going on. If I’m on my computer, I’m pretty much on Twitter as well. While I don’t post dozens of things every day, I do enjoy posting great resources, and connecting up with people here and there. It’s a great tool that we’ve both found to be very successful.

I’m always finding new ways of using Twitter to promote your business. Which is why I absolutely loved the idea I found this week using Twitter to promote your photography business.

Meet Neil Creek

neil creek

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you may not know much about TweetUp’s either. A TweetUp is a networking group that meets in a local location – and they find the information out by following others on Twitter. We have local TweetUp’s all over Denver, and I’ve met some amazing people this way too.

Anyway, Neil also attends TweetUp’s in his local area of Melbourne, Australia. And came up with a great way of promoting his business.

He recently attended a TweetUp, along with sixty other Twitter users, and decided to promote his photography by taking great images of everyone in attendance. (You can view each individual image by visiting his blog post.) And he called his idea “MeetHeads” – meet up head shots!

What a great idea!

Takeaway Idea:

Give a little to grow a lot.

When people hear you are a photographer, they think they know what you do. But once they see for themselves exactly what you do, and you motivate them to take the time to learn a little more about you, they have even more chance of becoming a paying customer.

And that’s exactly what Neil does with MeetHeads.

People can use the images online for non-commercial use, providing they give him credit as the photographer, and link back to his site if at all possible. So his images are used as Twitter and Facebook avatars – and he gets the links and the credit!

When he photographs them at the TweetUp’s, he provides them with a card that explains how they access their images. And when they head to his site to “pick up” their image, he also has a special promotion for them – 15 percent off a photo shoot. Business or personal, his goal is to get his new contacts back into the studio for even more personalized service.

People that attend TweetUp’s are pretty heavy hitters in the marketing and business world. And I know Neil also hit gold through some of his connections as well. Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger and Digital Photography School, was also in attendance, and now has a new photo to use on his avatars as well.

Way to go Neil – I love your ideas!

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  1. I also went to tweetupmellers and thought it was a fabulous idea. You’re right about their being a lot of heavy hitters there. Darren was one of many fabulous people and trust me, people are still buzzing about Meetheads and are looking forward to the next tweetup!


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