One Great Idea – Meet Patty Hankins

I’m excited to start a new series here on the Virtual Photography Studio blog. I know I learn best by seeing working examples. It helps me see things clearer, and understand how to bring it into my own business.

That’s the idea behind Photographers – One Great Idea.

I’m out surfing everyday. And I find a ton of great ideas. So why not share them with you! You can meet other photographers who are finding success online, and grow your own business with some fantastic ideas.

Meet Patty Hankins.

I first met Patty on a social site (Facebook? Twitter? I can’t remember which one anymore). I loved her work, and click over to her site through Twitter whenever I see she has new photographs posted.

Patty is a fine art photographer, and travels around displaying her work at art shows. You can see her images here.

When I recently clicked over to her blog, I found a great post for an upcoming art show – my takeaway idea for this post.

Takeaway Idea:

Let your clients and followers
know where you’re going,
and reward them for following you.

In her post, she announced an upcoming art show. If you’ve purchased from Patty in the past, or follow her regularly, you can now mark your calendar and see her at this next weekends show. And with a photograph of her display, you’ll recognize it instantly when you attend. This is a great way of using your blog.

photographer 1

When you’ve developed a following, and people like what you do, its good to keep them up to date on where you’ll be. Not only may they show up, but they may also refer friends.

I also liked her reward for following:

For each $50 of photography you purchase from Hankins-Lawrence Images, take $10 off your total purchase.

If you’ve purchased from her in the past, or had your eye on one of her photographs, now may be the time to invest in one. Or two. And because you found out about it on her blog, it also motivates you to check in regularly with her blog. You never know when you’ll find another promotion.

Way to go Patty – I enjoyed your ideas!


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  1. Way to go Patty! Here is a photographer that clearly understands the importance of marketing. Not only does she have a very professional way of presenting herself and her work at area art shows, but her website and informative blog illustrate her serious approach to the art of photography. Nice to see an artist like this on the way to success.


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