One Great Marketing Idea – Photograph It One At A Time

Who says you can’t grow a successful business with low cost photography services.

I received an email today from one of my favorite entrepreneurial idea sites – springwise. The article title that started it all was:

Professional product shots for $112

It spoke of low cost innovations, including photography studios that were taking one niche concept, and using it to fill their photography studios with quality clients.

As I kept reading and clicking, I grew more excited. What a great concept!

One great marketing idea photographing one at a time 2

As a small business owner, many need quality photographs of their products, yet can’t afford the traditional route of spending hundreds of dollars for a professional shoot. They can’t rely on stock houses like istockphoto – they simply aren’t the right images. So they usually rely on their own digital camera, crummy lighting, and bad photography. Then wonder why their sales are low on their websites.

Enter the new idea – via U!

Instead of booking a session, spending hundreds of dollars, or skipping it all together, a small business owner now has an option. They package up their product, send it to via U! and they will create a professional image. They upload it for the client to see – and the image is theirs for $112. Their studio is equipped with the backgrounds, lighting – everything in place, so it’s a simple one two three process.

And they make the client happy for a very reasonable price. One image – $112. Imagine getting 10 products in per day – $1120 a day! Not bad.

One great marketing idea photographing one at a time

And via U! isn’t the only one. How about We Shoot Bottles. Any bottle can be sent in, and the client will have the digital image the next day, for a sliding scale cost depending on the number of bottles sent in.

Same concept – We Shoot Cans.

Very little work on your part – you never even have a client come into your studio. You simply get a product in the mail, set it up on a table already preset for background and lighting, snap away, put it on your site for the client to see, and make the sale.

Great process – great rewards.

And your clients can come from anywhere because they are mailing you the products. No more promoting within a 10 mile radius.

So my only other question for you is, “How can you put this idea to work for you?”

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