Top 7 Online Marketing Tools for Photographers

Marketings is a necessity within any profession. But some professions have a harder time of it than others. Photographers face some unique marketing challenges. One of the most significant issues is the visual nature of photography. High quality visual marketing wasn’t very feasible until quite recently.

But the Internet now provides some exciting opportunities for photographers. In the following article we’ll examine the top seven marketing tools for photographers. These options will demonstrate how photographers can reach their target audience.

1. Instagram

Instagram is almost a given when talking about photography. One of the most important reasons that it’s an marketing tools for photographers comes down to the audience. Most marketing efforts will try to reach as broad a base as possible. The average skill level of anyone in that group can vary wildly on a case by case basis.

Instagram tends to skew to an audience with more discerning taste. People on instagram are more likely to notice higher quality work. The average person often has trouble seeing what separates acceptable and superb photography. Posting to instagram ensures that people who really care about quality will be a larger percentage of the overall audience.

The niche appeal of instagram also means that it works best in combination with other options. Thankfully, the popularity of Instagram has led to support within a number of different platforms. This makes it easy to leverage Instagram within other marketing efforts.

2. Twitter


Twitter is in many ways a twin to Instagram. Both are social media platforms which push content out to the world. Instagram is heavily tied into photography. Where it’s simply one aspect out of many for Twitter.

The broad appeal of Twitter isn’t a bad thing though. It just means that one needs to handle Twitter differently. Like Instagram, it’s best used in tandem with other marketing campaigns. But it’s also a fantastic way to add personality to one’s brand. In fact, people often find themselves drawn in by personality first and content second.

Twitter becomes one of the top marketing tools for photographers when used with precision. 140 characters and an image might not seem like much. But many companies have seen huge influxes in customer interest thanks to clever use of Twitter.

3. Facebook

Screenshot of Photographer's Facebook Page

Facebook is a necessity for anyone marketing themselves. Estimates place Facebook’s active user base at around one billion people. Even when narrowing things down by language barriers and the like it’s a pretty impressive number.

People often think of Facebook as just a way to stay in touch with people. And one of the best ways to leverage Facebook is through that social aspect. Facebook makes it easy for users to share content with each other. This sharing also makes it one of the best marketing tools for photographers.

Instagram and Twitter make it easy to share content. But neither boast a user size even close to that of Facebook. Facebook makes it easy to network between friends, family and business contacts. They in turn will do the same with any photographs which catch their eye. This can quickly create instant, powerful and free marketing.

4. WordPress

Wordpress, one of the best marketing tools for photographers

Blogging sites tend to look somewhat similar to websites. Speed and ease of updates are among the biggest benefits blogs have over websites. The best blogging platforms empower authors with the ability to write pages as easily as they might a Word document.

Blogging can be quite similar to Twitter. It also has some elements of a Facebook post. But it allows photographers more space to narrate than Twitter. And blogging platforms are more easily seen and indexed by search engines than Facebook posts. For example, one might consider a photographer who’s been on an amazing hike. With a blog he’d have the benefit of fully narrating the journey while also showcasing his photographs.

WordPress is usually considered the best of the various blogging platforms. Users are able to start for free. And they can even move it to private servers or utilize full domain names. Ease of use and easy expandability usually make it the best choice out of all blogging options.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace for photographers

Blogging is a solid way to establish a presence on the web. But the next step beyond that is a website with full ecommerce solutions. Website creation is a huge subject, and many of the details are incredibly complex.

Thankfully there’s ways to bypass that complexity. Squarespace is both a company and a platform. They’re able to provide website creation which mostly comes down to selecting pre-made components. Squarespace is a solution which gives photographers the power of a custom site while keeping it easy to manage.

It ranks among the best marketing tools for photographers in large part due to ease of use. An afternoon is usually all it takes to set up a website and a shop to sell anything one desires. This also offers a way to direct people to blogs and social networking outlets. The reverse holds true as well. A solid website will often direct fans to the owner’s social media presence.

6. Pixieset

Pixieset for photographers

Pixieset completes the tools needed for a proper presence on the Web. One might choose to have a blog, website or both depending on need. But the best marketing tools for photographers will always be their own photographs. Squarespace and WordPress are rather lacking when it comes to gallery support though.

The best way to set up a professional online gallery is through pre-made solutions. Pixieset works in a somewhat similar way to Squarespace. Pixieset offers gallery options that will meet the needs of most photographers. One can quickly set up a gallery by using it. It’s easy to link to the gallery once it’s been completed.

The Pixieset gallery can serve as a subdomain for a blog or website. Photographers can also choose to use a full domain name specifically for Pixieset. No matter how it’s used though, the end result is a beautiful online gallery which can instantly showcase one’s best work.


IFTTT free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements

In many ways IFTTT is the glue which binds the other marketing tools for photographers together. So far most of the tools work best when combined together. Most are also quite easy to set up for the first time. But managing all of them can take more of an investment than the initial construction.

IFTTT acts as a compatibility layer between most of these services. The main function for photographers comes from automated posting. One can configure IFTTT to notice blog posts, for example. And when a post is made it’ll automatically send out a tweet linking to it. Similar functionality exists for an impressive number of other services.

Summing Up

In conclusion, one will notice how compatible the tools are. Many professions find that the options exist as an exclusive decision. Photographers have the luxury of continually adding more tools and platforms to expand their reach. The only limit on which tools one uses is time. But solutions such as IFTTT can even act as a huge time saver. When used properly the tools should end up promoting one’s brand while decreasing the total time spent marketing.

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