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As a professional photographer, you probably have Photoshop and use it regularly. But as a professional it’s also fun to try other sites and services, just to have alternatives every once in awhile.

The thing I like best about some of the online editors is that they are online. It doesn’t matter if you have your computer with you for access to your own version of Photoshop. From any computer, you login to your account and start playing with your photographs.

Today I decided to play with Picture2Life. Picture2Life is an easy to use online image editor that allows you to manipulate your photographs, and create collages and animations. It also interfaces with all photo sharing websites and blogs, such as Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, etc.


The Picture2Life interface has over 50 different effects and adjustments for you to choose from. Simply click on your preference, and preview the effects before applying them. You can even combine multiple images together in collage format, as they have over 200 layouts ready for you to use.


The power of Picture2Life comes from its ease of use. Dropping in your photography is easy – either upload from your hard drive, or choose a photo from one of your other photo sharing sites. Once its in the editor, you can change and manipulate with a simple click of the mouse. Each task shows you an example and gives a brief description, so there is little guess work about what will be applied.

Plus the biggest benefit is it’s all at no cost to you. Just login through your free account, and start playing.

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