Paparazzi Photo Services … Really?

So you want to add some “fun” to your photography services? Why not become the paparazzi?


Think about what’s making news now. All of the greatest celebrities from Pairs to Britneypaparazzi are hunted by the paparazzi. They are photographed every step of the way, from morning til night.

In reality, isn’t it just photojournalism – a day in the life of…

That’s what people want, and that’s what some photography studios are offering. Hire a paparazzi studio, and they’ll show up at your event in paparazzi style. They’ll roll out the red carpet and mob your guests with photos as they exit their cars. They’ll follow you in and capture every moment of your event. They’ll make sure they get every wild moment, and give you the photos to prove it.

Basically event photography – with a twist. A new way to see an old service. A new way to add life to your event business.

Anyone ready to be the paparazzi?

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