Review Of The Pentax K50 Camera: Features And Price

Investing in a digital camera can be a great way to take your photography skills to the next level. It can be essential to record precious moments through photographs so that you can look back and relive them again and again. With so many different digital cameras available from so many different brands and in so many different price ranges, it can seem like a challenging task to find the perfect camera to meet your needs. Luckily, research should help you to identify whether a specific camera is a good fit.

The Pentax k50 camera is an option that you can consider when looking for a mid-level to high-end digital camera. While it has both pros and cons, it can definitely be on the list of cameras that you should look into. Here is some helpful information that should help you decide whether the k50 is the right camera for you:

What Is The Pentax K50?

A versatile camera that can work good for the casual photographer looking to capture daily events and record treasured memories, the Pentax k50 can also be suitable for bigger projects or more advanced photography. You don’t have to worry about handling a monster-sized camera with this conveniently-built device. It has a compact and attractive design, weighs just under 21 ounces, and should be about the right size to fit comfortably in your hands. This can be a bigger benefit than it may seem at first glance, as trying to handle a clumsy or clunky camera can seriously cripple your photo-taking skills.

Durable and effective, the k50 is designed to take high-quality images, even in situations that require capturing fast-moving people or objects. A very sharp-looking camera, it is also customizable and can be ordered with a combination of one of 17 body colors and six grip colors for a very cool and personalized look. This is an option you usually don’t get with other cameras and can be a great way to set your device apart from others.

What Features Does The Pentax k50 Have?

With weather-resistant sealing, the k50 can withstand outdoor conditions such as rain or snow without being easily damaged. This can make it a very sporty camera that is great for capturing all your outdoor activities such as sports, picnics, barbeques and pool parties. Similar to other Pentax cameras, it contains a built-in shake resistance mechanism to help ensure that you can take photos without having to deal with a tripod and still enjoy blurry-free results. The shake resistance can be effective with a variety of lenses, including telephoto lenses.

Pentax K50

The ability of this camera to capture quality images of people, landscapes and more with its high sensitivity and shutter speed that is adjustable up to ISO 5100 should deliver pleasing results to anyone who uses it and can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. While the sensitivity is useful, it can be important to keep in mind that it is only at maximum levels when the camera is expanded.

The k50 can potentially deliver great photos in places where other cameras just wouldn’t make the cut, as it is specially equipped to handle both high-speed images and low-light conditions. Thanks to the camera’s aforementioned high sensitivity, it can have the capability to take excellent, glare-free images in low light, but in case images are still too dark, a built-in flash is also included. The ability to capture high speeds can be especially important if you are interested in shooting pictures of pets, vehicles, athletic events, or other fast-moving people and things.

How Does The Pentax k50 Compare To Other Cameras?

The Pentax k50 was created after the k30 and can be considered a somewhat revamped version of previous designs. Among improvements made on this edition are better image processing and fewer problems with distortions, for sharper and more professional-looking results. Besides the customizable colors and a few other updates, you can expect to have a very similar experience with the k50 and k30, and the k50 is not necessarily a worthwhile upgrade for somebody who is already enjoying a well working, earlier model.

Both the k50 and the k30 are more or less the same size, being 5.1 inches by 3.8 inches by 2.8 inches with a 3-inch LCD screen. They both run on AA batteries. The k50 has the same autofocus capabilities as the k30, but the newer model does feature a better sensitivity range of up to 51200 compared to the k30’s maximum sensitivity of 25600. The k30 is equipped with the same shake-resistance gear as the k50, and the cameras are nearly identical to look at. Since the k30 is an older model, it could possibly be purchased for a cheaper price and might be more worthwhile for somebody who is not as committed to the very subtle and specific improvements that can be found in the k50.

What Makes The Pentax k50 Stand Out?

While very similar to earlier Pentax models, the k50 does have some nifty features that help it stand out and make it a worthwhile camera in its own right. One of these is the ability of the camera to wirelessly transfer your images onto a phone or computer. This can be a convenient addition that helps save you the hassle of dealing with a USB cord and potentially helps you keep everything more organized by making file transfers easy and fast. In case wireless transfers aren’t your cup of tea, the camera is also equipped with traditional USB capabilities and comes with its own USB cord.

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How Much Does A Pentax k50 Cost?

If you’re planning on ordering it with a personalized color, then you can expect to pay around $700 for a new k50. Specialized color orders can take anywhere from four to six weeks to be created and delivered. There are options to buy the camera in kits that can include a specialized lens or a pair of lenses, but these are more expensive and can cost upwards of $780 to $880.

The k50 is a well-built camera and should live up to the expectations that come with its price. The camera body is made primarily of stainless steel and polycarbonate outer panels, and is constructed in the Philippines. The lenses can be well constructed enough to be very stable and meet the needs of a camera that is very portable.

What Are People Saying About The Pentax k50?

Despite a few individual issues, customer reviews for the k50 are mainly positive, with the camera averaging right around four out of five stars on several different sites, including CNET and TechRadar.

Many people seem to agree that it is a good mid-level camera, and while it is pretty standard to what one could expect from Pentax, it is a good camera for the price, and the customizable colors are very bright and exciting and can make for a fun-looking camera overall.

The k50 model was released in 2013, which can mean that it is somewhat outdated, but it still seems to be more or less up to the modern standards that most people have for this type of camera. One of the main complaints can be that the battery life isn’t very long, which can be inconvenient and even expensive in the long run if you are constantly churning through disposable batteries. Despite this shortcoming, the k50 still seems to be satisfying to the average customer, and people tend to agree that it is a decent camera overall.

What We Think

The Pentax k50 can be considered a good all-around camera. While it is an older model, it still seems to have the level of tech needed by most individuals to capture quality content. It may not be the right choice for a serious photographer, as there are more modern and updated digital cameras available, but for somebody who is interested in a decent mid-level camera with good features, it can be a passable option that is available for a fair price.

The Pentax brand image overall can, at first glance, seem a lot less appealing than a Canon or Nikon, but Pentax can offer decent cameras and isn’t necessarily inferior in the sense of quality, easy-to-use digital models. Since it isn’t as big and flashy as either of the aforementioned camera brands, there is a chance that you could save money by buying a Pentax and still get pleasing results.

Final Overview

With good features and a durable construction, the Pentax k50 can be a great camera to take with you on the go and capture beautiful images. A fun and personalized option, it is somewhat unique and can be an enjoyable camera to use. While it is definitely a mid-level camera and may not be able to meet the more advanced needs of somebody who is professionally interested in photography, it can be a great choice for beginners, hobbyists, or anyone looking to get a quality camera for a fairly competitive and decent price.

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