Perfect Gifts For The Photographer In Your Life

When you’re a photographer, you wind up with gifts that are somehow always related to the business. And while you’re tree can only hold so many cameras and miniature photographers, there are some really cool things that you’ll be moving to the top of your wish list this year.

Phone Lenses

What’s the one thing missing from your camera phone? The ability to have multiple lenses for every situation. Not any more, thanks to this series of lenses, Choose from fisheye, macro/wide angle and telephoto lenses – or get the series and save, plus free shipping.

iPhone Lens Dial

Like the idea of different lenses for your iPhone, but don’t want to carry all of them with you? Check out the iPhone Lens Dial. Now their conveniently in place and ready for any situation.

Vintage Camera

Do you love vintage camera equipment? Its fun to collect, and in some cases its even fun to play with. Head over to ebay and you’ll find a mirage of things that will make any photography buff squeal in delight.


Instead of creating with a camera, why not try out solar powered photography paper. This will keep any photography fan busy for hours – order a spare because you know you’re friends are going to want to try it too.

F Stop Watch

Why not give the photographer in your life a fun way to tell time? All time is in aperture format. Something fun to talk about and share with other photographers.

Light Paint

Want to try something new? Why not create your own graffiti – with light. This amazing light paint can will allow you to do just about anything with an LED light. Just replace the battery and you’re ready to go again.

Zing Camera Covers

Sometimes you just don’t want to have to carry a bag filled with camera equipment. Yet you still want to protect your camera when not in use. The Zing camera cover is the perfect solution, no matter what size camera you have.

Lego Digital Camera

Have you ever found anyone that doesn’t like Legos? Instead of building something with your kids, build your own digital camera from Legos – holds up to 80 photographs.

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