Photograph An Event With Perspective

This past holiday weekend, we ended up in Colorado Springs to photograph the balloon festival that takes place there every Labor Day weekend. It’s rough getting up at 5 [just ask my 13 year old daughter] but it is so worth it.

As you stand in the middle of dozens of balloons being filled and launched, you are awe struck by how something so fragile can lift you sky high.

And just like any event we photograph, we shoot it from many different perspectives.

When you’re out on an event [it doesn’t have to be paid – just practice at a fun event you’re attending] see how many different angles you can capture.

  • Hot Air Balloon Duck Colorado Springs 2008

The first balloon to launch

  • Hot Air Balloon Festival Colorado Springs 2008

The balloons being filled

  • Hot Air Balloon Festival Colorado Springs 2008 16

The balloons taking off above the trees

  • Hot Air Balloon Shadows Colorado Springs 2008


  • Hot Air Balloon Festival Colorado Springs 2008 11

Looking up at the basket

  • Hot Air Balloon Festival Colorado Springs 2008 13

A sky full of balloons

No matter what you event, the idea is to tell the story. Use your camera to take more than a few photos – tell the story of the entire day. What did you do? What did you see?

If you think in “book” perspective, your photography will take on a whole new look.


2 thoughts on “Photograph An Event With Perspective”

  1. I have a photo booth startup but always wanted to do Event Photography as I love all events. Any event, but I just don’t have the experience (or marketing know how) to get started. I am working on it, and have done an celebrity event last week with Jessica Sanchez the American Idol hopeful 16 year old on the USS Midway here in San Diego.

    This article was a great inspiration to me and my future efforts.




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