Photograph Emotion – How To Get Inspired With Photography – #14

Photography emotion – When was the last time you concentrated on how someone looks. Are they happy, sad, laughing or feeling defeated? All of these emotions can be captured into a relation to your photography session. Have you ever seen a photography display or art showing that focused on one emotion? To make your first session easy, grab your digital camera and concentrate on happy people. Shoot as many images that show happiness and see what develops. By adding a goal to your day of photography, amazing results will be achieved. – Get Inspired!

2 thoughts on “Photograph Emotion – How To Get Inspired With Photography – #14”

  1. Thank you so much for writing all these blogs.

    Hello, I am an amature photographer, studding and trying to figure out who I am in photography. I have photographed a number of events and never really thought to much about making this a career. It wasn’t until earlier this afternoon as I was finishing up some images that I took at an event this past weekend that a very bright light bulb went off…say “DUH”. I love photographing people, love candid photography, and love going to events, so why not put all of it together.
    Your site has opened my eyes to quite a few things. I do like that you’ve mentioned that for us beginners that starting small is okay too. I will be sure to come back and read quite often

    Thanks again. 🙂


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