The Photographers Marketing Funnel

Do you know what a photographers marketing funnel is? It’s the process of bringing in a ton of clients at a very low fee for a special promotion to introduce them to your services, and then keep the best as clients for years to come, bringing in more and more sales as time goes by. photographers marketing funnel

So from the shape of a funnel, you fill the top of the funnel with as many clients as possible, knowing some will funnel through, buying more and more from you over the years.

As a photographer, you need to set up your services so that you have a variety of things at all different levels. And you have to keep marketing to your clients again and again so they know your services exist.

Let’s start with one of the easiest portrait concepts – a simple business portrait. Photographer Noah Wolf offers Avatar sessions. For $79, a person can come in and receive portrait session, along with a creative consultation before the shoot, and a post session portrait consultation after to help choose the best image. Once selected, the person will leave with one mastered, retouched and enhanced digital file they can use as their Avatar anywhere online.

This is a great way to bring in a lot of people, and introduce them to your services. In this case, Noah has Avatar days where he’s all set up and ready to go. You could easily bring in a dozen or so people on any given day. And if you really promote it, you could actually have a waiting list for people to come in for your Avatar days.

Now that you have a list, you can keep selling, bringing each client further down the funnel.

  • Portrait sessions: business, baby, children, family
  • Weddings
  • Events: birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries
  • High school seniors

If you are working with people who want professional Avatars, they have a lot of other interests in their lives. It’s easy to promote to them for a variety of interests, and hit on a need here and there.

The key is keeping them filled with information, and remembering you as THE photographer to go to for all of their photography needs.

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  1. This is actually a great idea. I guess the trick would be to temper such says where heavy #s of people are photographed and days where traditional sessions and events are photographed. The funnel method sounds similar to what Seth Godin discussed in a recent video with photographer Dane Sanders.

    Good post, thanks for sharing.


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