Photographers Using Social – Give Groupon A Try

Every day there’s something new popping up online, giving you a chance to connect with potential clients.

Today I was doing some work for a client, and I came across a site that advertised Groupon. It looked interesting so I clicked over. Groupon is a social site that finds great deals in major cities, and advertises those deals on Facebook, Twitter and through email. As a follower, choose whichever method you like best. As an advertiser, you have the potential of reaching out to thousands of people that may have never come in contact with you any other way.

Right now Groupon is in about 50 cities. As I started searching through their tweets for Denver (yes, I always prefer things on Twitter), I discovered a photography deal. And as I researched a little more, I discovered that this is an incredible way of building your business.

using groupon for your photography

Legacy Zoom Photography offered 3 professional photography sessions, a DVD slideshow, and one 5×7 image from each session for a $69 fee – which gives the buyer savings of $1,011. Quite the deal for anyone close to Legacy Zoom, and in need of a portrait. And according to the Groupon site, 332 people agreed that it was a good deal, and purchased it for themselves.

Okay, 332 people at $69 each – wow, that’s almost $23,000 during this one campaign – and no work has been done yet!

And because she’ll be working with these 332 people over the next year – and we know they’ll be buying more than just the free 5×7 – she’s looking at increasing her bottom line significantly over the next couple of years!

4 thoughts on “Photographers Using Social – Give Groupon A Try”

  1. Being in Denver, I saw this offer when it came via Groupon a few weeks ago. I was pretty skeptical at first, because I wasn’t sure how many people would dig deeper into this and see what the final costs would be for extra prints, etc (they are not inexpensive per the website).

    However, the follow-up work you did was extremely eye-opening. I’d like to know what the cost was to advertise on Groupon, based on that $23k in sales. Groupon’s model is such that they take a percentage of each item sold (each $69 package in this case). Still, not accounting for the photographer’s time, this is an impressive amount of business in such a short time.

  2. Just got off the phone with the Groupon people.

    1) They have a large number of photographers in the Denver pipeline, so it would be some time before you would get a chance (if you were in Denver at least);
    2) Groupon takes 50% of the sales. So that $23k in the example dropped by 50%. Then you factor in taxes, etc. and wow…

    • Thanks for the update Chester.

      You also have to look beyond what you make upfront. So the $23k in half, minus taxes etc. may look like a dwindling profit, but as each of these clients come in, the sales will surely go well beyond the basic package for most. Plus if you place referral marketing into your plans, these clients could become clients for life, using your services again and again over the next 10, 15, 20 years.


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