Photographing By The Page – The Only Way To Shoot A Wedding

How did you photograph your last wedding?

If you’re new to it, you may have taken along a checklist to make sure you take the top wedding photographs. (I’ve seen a ton of courses recommend the checklist style of photographing.)

If you’re new to wedding photography, it may help you stay on track. But if you’re concentrating on “the list”, you may end of missing some of your best images.

The bride doesn’t know what she wants. This is her first time getting married. She only knows she wants great images.

As a photographer, you should be thinking both from what she expects, and what she doesn’t.

If you think from building an album, how do your pages play together?

Instead of allowing the bride to select a few images, and the photographer puts them together in a book as best as possible, show your clients how they come together.

wedding page layout 1

I always included a two page spread of how the aisle looked. The couple spent a lot of money on the details, and this is a great, artistic way for them to remember how everything looked.

wedding page layout 2

Instead of taking one image, take several and merge them together in the final album. It creates a more artistic look, and gives you more options in selling and creating.

The key to great photography isn’t just with the photography. It’s with the presentation as well. If you’re not showing your clients how to present what you take, you’re losing the most valuable part of your sale.

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  1. Great insight into wedding photography. These are very practical tips about how to shoot with the wedding album page in mind. Nice work!


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